Erich Segal , the author lived his last moments a few hours back.May his soul live in peace.Amen! He was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.Erich Segal was born in New York. He was an honorary fellow of Wolfson College at Oxford University.I read the sad news about him and could not hold myself from revisiting his masterpiece.


His book –Love Story happens to be very special to me as it was gifted to me by my best friend Tanu-someone who infused in me the passion for reading.At the first sight of the book there was nothing attractive about it except its name and the small cute look.It was the first romantic novel owned by me-a student of standard VII.I dint start with the book for many days as it dint appeal to me much at that age.One happy day,I started with it and it was unputdownable- a different world for me. Though initially it just came as a beautiful story to me about two people Oliver and Jenny and I sat smug at having finished the book.But in the days to follow I was hit emotionally.I was sad for the characters.I could sense reality and underwent mixture of emotions.But life moved on to others books.


However, I read it again since there was an inner urge to do so .I caught hold of the book again 5 years back. 2 hours read and I was taken by the magic.It was a volcano of emotions  which I had failed to capture with my first shot. I lived a complete experience in itself.A stark truth of ruthless world where affections were not entertained and sanctity of love that only fate can do you away.It had a special charm with utmost grief- an undying bond between two people who had everything for each other except time. I loved reading it and am sure many would have felt the same as me.


It is the book which is difficult to describe in words- a classic  tale which takes you in the world of true feelings.One of my most fondly owned book and  the attachment to it will never fade away.My way of homage to the author.

Erich Segal’s other books

Doctors,The Class, Oliver’s story,Acts of faith,Only Love,Man, Woman and Child, Prizes.

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