As a child whenever I asked my Dad the true meaning of my name, he said that it was just his instinct which prompted him to name me after my mum-Manju and he never happened to check out the real meaning.

My teachers in school and friends took special interest in my name. I never happened to come across any namesake.
I seldom faced any issue with unique username or ids.

A year ago, a movie had Manjulika as the protagonist and it made me hunt the essence of my name once again and I ended up concluding that its a Bengali name though not satisfied completely.

A few days back, searching a name for my niece,I just happened to visit a site which claimed to have the best names for the new born  with their meanings lifted from the holy scriptures.

Impromptu,I typed my name and to my surprise, it had a meaning to my name which no one had been able to help me out with. I had a smile on my face because quite often I had no after comment to this question which was put quite frequently during viva voice, “Your name is unique but what does it mean” ?
Today I wanted to tell all who alluded that I had a name (identification) which had no origin.Now I can happily tell them I am the sweetness of life.

SOURCE: Babynamer
Meaning: Its source is a Sanskrit expression meaning “Sweet.”

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Manjulika Pramod

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