With this article, I am back to talk about my favorite topic- Books. This time its about traveling with books intact and reading to explore more. Let us discuss the books that one prefers to keep along while exploring new places and also in between the breaks of the tiring journeys. They also act as great inspiration and help keep up the strength once tired.

Firstly, we must have reasons why a book is needed at all because the non-readers would not agree so easily. And I must make sure to give them sufficient reasons so that next time they never forget to keep one along with the baggage. It is my experience that a book comes very handy where most of the things cannot suffice.

Read on if you don’t believe. I have segregated Books ‘reason wise’ that must be kept while traveling and can be of great help.

Guide books:
They make quite an entertaining read coz they help to discover a new place and provide a small description relating its history.They contain the information about a place, its famous landmarks, places to really look for and make things really easy.

Travel Help books:
 They contain all the info that you want to know about long distance traveling.A long list of itinerary can be planned with its help. What to do and what not while one is traveling?

 Destination Plan books: These books help to know about the various places to travel and ultimately plan for exotic locales.

 Travelogues: It can be any piece of writing about travel.It may contain well-researched guidelines and reliable anecdotes. Happy and memorable instances of people are of interest to read. One generally loves to plan to a place if its recommended by others.

If you not reading, then travel and if you not traveling, then you must spare time to read. Reading travel books help you experience a different place through the eyes of someone and once you actually plan a trip you enjoy it in your own way.

Some of my favorite travel books are-

Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathan Swift

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Life of Pi by Yann Martel


The Art Of Travel – Alain de Botton

Please add on your favorite travel book. Next time don’t forget to carry a book on your travel adventure.

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