Recently I wrapped up another love story and it was unique in its own way. I must accept I love reading romance touched stories and till date have laid my hands on many but the best part is each one is so different from another. Every story speaks for its itself and the emotions  just pour out….

I concur…… Love is not just about a girl and a boy but its about relationship… trust… hope… life…and much more.

Dear I love You by Arun Sabtharishi—

This sweet and sour story transported me to the carefree days of college life, where love and life blooms for many. A age in life when we consider ourselves to be on top of the world.  The worldly issues seem afar and we wish to live life on our flight of dreams. I am sure it is one place where most of us come across someone whom we wish to treat more than a friend. It may materialise for some or maynot but the feeling is absolutely amazing.

Thats the state of our hero in here, Goutham, a Btech student who falls for a violet beauty, Anu from another branch. Love just happens for our hero but the confrontation has its taste of  twists and turns. The conversations on phone calls and messages exchanged between Anu and Goutham caresses the relationship strongly. But when its love, it can never be simple. Our dear hero is a day scholar and thus his mother disapproves of his relationship. Family pressures turn things difficult for them and thus the boy decides to leave the girl and move on….What does the girl go through… has anyone ever given a thought??

But as it is said, true love can never be forgotten. Goutham comes back to Anu. Things may be expected to improve but past can never be re-lived. The girl loves the boy and cares for him but the change is evident. The four year of college life vanish in air and life hits in real and since our hero is a confused being he takes another decision….. the family pressure adds to his woes always… He decides to concentrate firstly on career and then come back to his girl….  But this time Anu takes a decision… tough times lie ahead… do they meet??? Read and live the experience.

Not all love stories have a great end. But the aroma of love and its presence in the air remains forever. The book keeps the reader engrossed till they have known it all. The author has not tried to deck up the story and has kept it very simple and touching.  I was a little disappointed with the end.  Though, A fiction but could have been real…..without doubt.

Happy Reading!!!

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