Since I read THE SECRET DREAMWORLD OF SHOPAHOLIC’ I have wanted to read more of the other books by Kinsella.  Must say Miss Shopaholic is irresistible. Hence I picked up another one. Here as well the shopping saga comes with a twist. I am sure shopping with your sister is fun and enjoyable.  This one may bring surprises.

Our favorite shopaholic, Becky Bloomwood is married now. In the first few chapters, she is touring around the world. Its been a honeymoon for around ten months for her. Luke and Becky are really having a great time.  Luke has become all carefree and Becky seems to have grown mature and also quite interesting, she is no more thinking ‘only about shopping’.

I was expecting to see a changed Becky in here.  But suddenly I was split into laughter to find out that Becky  is focussing about buying new things during her yoga and meditation sessions. She has picked up gifts and memoirs from almost every place they have visited. When back the purchases made by her go over over budget. In fact  she has taken in so much that there isn’t much space to place in Luke’s penthouse.

Suddenly she also realises that while she has been away, things have moved on. Her best friend Suze is all busy with her kids and other friend. Even her parents surprise her with the revelation of her new found sister. She is shocked at first but suddenly she is excited about having a sister and the fun associated with it.

She is all pepped up to meet Jess and expects her to be like herself. In fact she is all geared up to hop and shop with her. But the plans fall apart like a pack of cards. Jess favors frugal living, something which Becky could never dream of. She cant accept it easily that her latest found sister is nothing like her. Jess is a big money saver using recycled and discounted items.

Here comes the fun and the twist when the sisters sit together to discuss the good but it turns out to be bad and ugly. It absolutely tickles the funny bone. The Angel bag adds to the fun. I also loved the part of Becky where she tries to adopt the lessons to check on her spendthrift attitude. I like her way of making amends and sincerely wish she learns to be frugal.

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