After the marriage vows in early Nov, long break from work and lovely honeymoon trip in BALI,  I am back to my world of Books and Book reviews. In the hectic pace of world go- round and round, dint have the time to miss my friends(books) though but some where they stay in the corner of my mind and heart.

The book review requests have been on a rise and I am thankful to my readers and writer friends for bearing with me. I promise to come up with the reviews soon. I have lots in hand to read and for next few months am absolutely neck deep in books. Way to go Indian writers and I am happy my views matter for some as well.  Hope to join in the bandwagon soon enough….


 The (In)eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

To be true, this one did not come up for review.  I just grabbed it since it was making news all over and it caught my attention too.  The title, The (in)eligible bachelors, seemed interesting. What a timing though as I had put one bachelorship to an end in the recent, few days. Coming back to the book….

Another fact, nowadays I dont get much time to read due to hectic office hours and the whole new set of responsibilities to look forward to, but the long travel time to office in the morning comes to my rescue.

The cab is cozy and I generally have an hour in hand. One morning I began with Ruchita Mishra’s first book,  the first few pages were good enough to make me feel the urge to go on. Kasturi was quite a relatable character, some one from the neighbors. But suddenly I could see similarities between me and her. A just pass out from college, well me too back in 2007, posted with Telecom’s best company having Airkel (obviously Airtel) as customers,  falling for the handsome guy in office that too a Punjabi and last but not the least, having a mother who is hell bent on finding a right match. This had all been my story except that the pratagonist is an MBA and I am an Engineer.

Though I must thank my mother for she dint go about it madly to set me up with someone and gave me time quite unlike Kasturi’s mother. But the guy from the same caste, not a punjabi and a well bred, nice family, well earning guy were some of the qualifying points for the future son-in-law.  The story was actually getting interesting page by page. The humour was well timed as well. The gags and wickedly funny one-liners tickled the funny bone and I enjoyed my ride quite much.  The plot is not something new but it had been used up interestingly. More than finding a suitable match, the writer brings forth the essence of life in between the pages, it is all about how we meet several people, get related and quite easily make them a part of our life.

Kasturi’s life goes through her highs and lows. She falls in love soon enough to realise the fakeness. Hits great with her friends Anu and Varun. Pitaji and the doctor, Purva, guys that come in her life as a part of the matrimonial setups done by her mother, all add to the twist in the story.  My favorites were the sweet and sour talks that Kasturi had with her mother on the phone and how her dad sidelined himself from the matrimonial stories in the making.

All in all, a good package, writing style is new, sometimes quite similar to Bridget Jones Dairy. And the writer is definitely quite inspired with bollywood because the story has love, romance, action, betrayal etc. The storyline runs through with a pace and length swaying a little sometimes. Some typo errors here and there could not be given a miss though. Also I felt that it could have been some more detailed. The writer was in a hurry to bring it to a happy ending. But definitely an entertaining and fun read it is.

From the book we learn, Sometimes situations quite complex hit us across our face but we need to be strong. Lucky are those whose friends and family come to rescue. Mantra of life,  be happy and make others happy. Thats the effect the book had on me , because I had my shares of laugh perfectly .

Happy Reading!!!

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