#PanteneNatureFusion Experience

In one word it was WOW!!! The experience was fascinatingly awesome.

What the Day stood for? Indiblogger Meet, A day exclusive for bloggers, a unique concept and it was my first one.  It was special because as an Engineer, I have had my shares of meetings, training and technical events but as a Blogger, it was the first one of its kinds.

This post is absolutely about my experiences and is in absolute eloquence of the momentum of the day. I didn’t carry my camera hence have no clicks to share but do catch up the pics here The #PanteneNatureFusion IndiBlogger Meet  .

The fun revisited alphabetically…


AAnoop was the Anchor for the day from Indiblogger and he kept the Audience enthralled All day from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m… Keep up the good work!!
BBloggers, bloggers and bloggers. Brains and Beauties blended and blocked in the beautiful and spacious hall called BALLROOM AND DYNASTY@ITC Sheraton.
CCASSIA FLOWER– state flower of Kerala. Its the new, natural ingredient acting as the Chemical- complex behind the Pantene Fusion Hair Care products.
DDay stood for Dynamism, out and out it was a Day for Delhi (NCR) Women Bloggers.
EEar to ear smiling faces. Enthusiasm and Excitement all around. English was the language for the day though other languages were definitely welcome.
FFound new Friends, could be renamed Blogger Friendship day. I made friends with Aprajita, Priti, Jasmeet, Anisha, Meena, Ghata, Savita, Akankshya and Swati.
GGreetings at the Hall-Gate were warm and Gracious. The Great Graffiti white Boards stood tall to start off the day and to make the most of it Greet and Meet was the mantra for the day’.
HHair Spa at number 14, a quick one. Dint wanna miss out the Happenings in the Hall.
IIn-House Interiors perfectly set in mood with the theme. Green and White all round!! Pantene Nature Fusion’s color is green because it brings together Nature and Science.
JJobs make you crib at times. Got a call from office but I ignored. After all I was having fun here.
K— Krazy game begins, Keep safe your own and Prick others Balloons. Dint win though did manage to be among the last few.
LLast but not the least dear. The last 3 who managed to save their balloons from the pricking adventures of fellow bloggers won great prizes. There were LOTS and LOTS of prizes to be grabbed.
MMummy Special- A team activity that involved 8 on a table. We draped up Ani in toilet papers and tagged a slogan too ‘our Masterpiece in White’.
N—  Nature+Science= Naturefusion, there was a detailed talk on Pantene’s new product from none other than Pantene’s scientist  Miss Lais Koelle. It was a lovely talk, I personally enjoyed it and it was nice to know the intricate details how a shampoo acts on our hair.
OOoops!! I missed the 30  secs of fame. I was not feeling well and hence went out to take a break.
PPally time at the table. We interacted and I was amazed, there were bloggers from all Professions and also different Parts of the country too. I met people from Orissa, U.P., Bangalore, Mumbai.
Q Quiz time- Science or Nature. I did answer meteorite to my question and it was correct. Newys dint win this time again. There were others who answered as well.
RRenie Ravin– Indi and him are synonymous for me. When I dint know anyone on Indiblogger, I only knew his name, saw him this time. He kept standing and smiling all through the event.
SSumptuous Lunch!!! I ate and socialized around. Socializing with Strangers needs no rocket Science, believe me. Its begins with and ends with a Smile.
TTime is very powerful. I think we ran short on time. 30 secs of fame dint happen for the rest of the lot. I missed my chance to speak about myself. Next time, please give me a chance… he he  (I luuv talking)
UUse it at its creative best— A different element for each table and we had to use it in combination with beautiful flowers. Bouquet making and decoration game. Mine was Number 8 and it was beautiful… not a winner again.
V—  Voluminous Hair , thats what Pantene promises. Verses and Poems that’s what we bloggers were asked to create. Bloggers had to use the five words in really catchy ways- Aiyvehi, Cassia, Santa, Green and ……
WWe-Women Bloggers asked and Lais answered. She loved to talk and obviously she knew what she was talking. She answered my question convincingly- ‘How often the shampoo should be used in a Week?’– Everyday it can be done.
XX-factor counts. Blog, write good, be regular, follow others and get noticed… That’s the XTRA that you put in. A senior there told me when I asked her how to get my blogs more viewers?— Noted
YYashodhara Lal– author of Just married, please excuse took on the stage and her talk was inspiring. Who doesn’t want to be a published author? Harpen Collins is there for us, catch on the fever at Indi. Her presentation was too good- the best that I brought from the meet. Please check it out here– link.
ZZeal in me has multiplied a hundred times and I walked back a better me, tugging in an Indiblogger T-shirt and a Pantene gift hamper.

There was a twinkle in my eye and a dream to shine bright!!! Blogging world is so lovely !!! Looking forward to more such meets. Way to go Indi team…. 

A little more: How I made it for the Day?

The event- Indiblogger meet sponsored by Pantene Nature Fusion was scheduled in Delhi for the Sunday(14th Oct) and I was already a registered one. My plans were intact and I was brimming with excitement until the spoiler came in.  On 9th Oct, I had severe pain, next followed hospitalization and then a scary operation. Thank God! the stone got eliminated but still I was in pain. The pain of not being able to make it to the event that I so wanted to attend. I prayed for the best and of course a miracle.  For sure, good things keep happening and very good people around us make that happen. Looking at my interest in writing, blogging and keeping my spirits high, my husband drove me to ITC Sheraton, Saket on the D-day and made sure he stayed there all day at the lobby(a phone call away) if in case I needed him at any point of time due to my health.  At times I did feel low on energy and he would call me to cheer me up.  Thanx to him. This one is dedicated to my sweet hubby for being there for me always and to Indiblogger for taking care of him too 🙂  Thats a secret for sure!!!    🙂

 Happy Reading!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. guys u must b having better places for romance plz leave d bloggers site.(bt i loved to read dat also)
    n manjulika: though i dnt read much u knw, bt ur blogs alwaz gives me a real feel about the subject whether its a book review, or about a place, an event…
    Gud job. i see u as a professtional writer in future.

  2. WOW Manjulika! What an interesting way of presenting your thoughts into real words. Am quite impressed with the efforts you’ve made. What could be much better than this. It was lovely meeting such a creative person. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Looks like ‘Girls had all the fun’ on Indiblogger meet! Have already read a cople of posts to make me envious, Manjulika:)

  4. WOW Manjulika this looks…awesome…wish you all the best 🙂

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    I loved how you literally covered the event from A to Z….
    So looking forward to the next event and catching up with you 🙂

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    This is such a wonderful post on Indimeet, best I have read till date.

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  8. Interesting! Very well written babe! The end product justifies the efforts you have put in and that too in pain! And you can feel the fun you had. God bless

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