Here comes the time for MTALKS 7/7 and the ‘Author of the Week’ is Mr. Oswald Pereira. He is a famous journalist and his columns make a great read in leading newspapers.

 – A Dark Tale on Forced Conversions’
is scheduled to be launched on 19 December 2012.

MTALKS 7/7 is glad to be in conversation with this veteran journalist and now a novelist. His first book ‘The Newsroom Mafia’ was one of its kind, which had the inside scoops of the alliances (both good and the bad) that thrive between the Media, Mafia and the Government. It is a well appreciated book till date and now is the time to unveil the second book from his closet, which showcases his dreams, passion and creative work.

Before we lay our hands on the book, check out the video of the book.  I am sure you will enjoy!


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MTalks Sir, how has been the journey from an acclaimed crime journalist to an Author? Which one is more of you as a person?

Mr. Pereira An author is more of me as a person. In fact, I had set out to become an author soon after graduation, but then turned to journalism because it was more tangible, and brought in the money. The journey of journalist-turned-novelist has been exciting. It has opened up a whole, new world. I’ve got more satisfaction in seeing my debut novel, The Newsroom Mafia, in bookstores and featuring among the top-ranking sellers, than from the numerous front page by-lines and cover stories that I had in newspapers like The Times of India and magazines like Outlook. I’m really excited about my upcoming novel, REVENGE OF THE NAKED PRINCESS – A Dark Tale on Forced Conversions. The book has already generated a great deal of interest. Incidentally, I covered crime in the early part of my career — for four years or so in The Times of India — and later I wrote on politics and business. I have also been editor of niche publications on infrastructure and defense.

MTalks The Title of the Book looks both appealing and intriguing. What is the inspiration behind the dark tale and the captivating caption?

Mr. PereiraI suspect the story was sitting somewhere inside me … perhaps in my subconscious. When I started writing it, the words flowed like they were coming out from some subterranean spring. The seed for the story, though, was sowed by my grandmother when I was a child. But I had then laughed off my grandmother’s tale as an old woman’s yarn or some bedtime story. Yes, the title of the book is appealing and intriguing, and I assure you that the story is captivating and will keep you hooked to the book. The story is set in sixteenth century India, which in the context of my book, I would describe as ‘The Dark Age of Forced Conversions.’

MTalksKindly introduce us to the character of the Princess. How far will the readers be able to strike a friendly or loving chord with her?

Mr. PereiraThe Princess is 18 years old, brave and beautiful. She fights back with her ace archers’ poison arrows and a small army of soldiers, a Portuguese brigade of hundreds of soldiers armed with a monstrous cannon and scores of firearms and other weapons like spears and swords. She doesn’t have guns and her soldier’s swords and spears are not as gleaming as the invaders. She resists forced religious conversions and sees no sense in accepting the new God and a so-called new heaven offered by the raiding brigade. I don’t want to disclose more of the story, but the readers will love the princess for her bravery and their hearts will go out to her.

MTalksTell us some memorable and challenging moments about the book.

Mr. Pereira – It was memorable as I felt like I was reliving what my great ancestors might have gone through when they were forced to convert. It was challenging to write a story about one of the darkest chapters in the history of a religion that I was born in.

MTalks –The subject of your book is a serious one and it talks about forced conversations. Why did you take up a topic so different from your previous book which was a crime thriller?

Mr. Pereira – The dark tale of forced conversions was a story dying to be told. As I said earlier, it was a story sitting inside me … which I had to write about in this lifetime. REVENGE OF THE NAKED PRINCESS – A Dark Tale on Forced Conversions too is like a thriller; it’s a historical thriller if you like. Forced conversions, according to me, is a serious crime — it leaves behind a deathly trail of murder and mayhem, as shown in my book. Forced conversions, indeed, blur the line between religion and carnage.

MTalks  Describe the book in one sentence and give us five reasons why it deserves to be a part of our bookshelves?

Mr. Pereira– In one sentence — this is India’s first book on forced religious conversions in the sixteenth century. Five reasons why the book deserves to be part of your bookshelves:

1. First of its kind
2. Thought-provoking
3. Well-researched
4. Well-written
5. Highly relevant even today, though a story about a period more than 450 years ago

MTalks – What have you grown up reading and what are your favourite genres? Would love to have a message for budding journalists and newbie writers.

Mr. Pereira – I’ve grown up reading the Classics. My favorite genre is still classical literature by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Henry Fielding, and Thomas Hardy. My message to budding journalists and new writers is work hard, never give up and write straight from the heart.

Oswald Pereira

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