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Varsha Dixit, an Indian Author based in US is here with us after her third book launch- ‘Wrong Means and Right End’. This one comes after the success of the previous two- Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Xcess Baggage. She had been associated with Media industry in Mumbai before taking up as a full-time author. She loves to write about love, friendship and relationships.

We are glad to have her in conversation at M-Talks 7/7. 
Varsha Dixit is crowned the ‘Author of the Week’ at Pendown.
Author Varsha Dixit
Author Varsha Dixit

1.M – Hey, Congratulations! It is your third book in the row and this one is a sequel to the bestselling novel ‘Right Fit Wrong Shoes’. How does it feel and what prompted you to write a sequel?

Varsha—From the very beginning I had planned this as a ‘Right and Wrong’ trilogy. Three different stories of three different women in different times and places in their lives. When ‘Right Fit Wrong Shoe’ became a stellar hit there was no stopping me or my characters.

2.M– The title looks catchy- ‘Wrong Means and Right End’. How does it relate to the concept and plot of the book?  Tell us the rights and the wrongs if any about the book.

Varsha—Without giving too much of the plot away all I can say is that the protagonists and few other pivotal characters are running around using strange way to accomplish ends even though their intentions are good.

 🙂   😉

3.M—The characters of your first book are back and they are all set to play a game of love, friendship and betrayal surprising us by wicked twists and turns.  I had loved Sneha in the first book, tell us more about the male characters Aditya and Nikhil.

Varsha— Aditya Sarin is an outgoing, progressive thinking, charming and a handsome man who can’t see beyond Nandini. He is every girl’s fantasy.  Nikhil Chandel on the other hand is an introvert, self made, arrogant and hard to read man. His personal life has been quite traumatic and has left Nikhil inherently a recluse and reluctant to trust others.

4. M—I love your initiative of promoting newbie authors and talking to them to solve their writing related queries. How has been the experience and what makes it fun?

Varsha— I’m a completely self taught writer. I have faced all the problems related to this profession. In USA there is a lot of help in terms of courses, books etc for people who aspire to be in this profession. However I’m not sure if in India there are similar options. Thus this is an attempt to give back to the community of authors in my own way. The experience of helping others in my line of work has been very satisfying.

5. M— Describe your latest book in one sentence and tell us some memories related to it. How has been the journey from the manuscript to the hard copy?

Varsha— ‘Wrong Means Right End’ is a sassy, humorous yet emotional roller-coaster of a read. I submit completed, numerous times self-edited manuscripts to my publishers. I keep tweaking, editing and rewriting my work till a single sentence doesn’t seem out of place. Thus my journey might be long and involve continuous work yet it satiates even my soul.

6. M— You have written many posts under the topic ‘You are not born a writer, you become one!’ Kindly share some more insights with respect to it. 

Varsha— Through this series I’m trying to cover the entire process of writing fiction from start to finish. I think all writers need help, some insight, a ‘kunji’ (colloquial term for cheat sheet) something to guide them when writing their first book and clear doubts and confusion. Through this series, I’m trying to help as many aspiring writers as I can free of cost, free of any expectation.

 7.M— What books have you grown on? Tell us your favourite genres and authors. 

Varsha— My favorite genres to read are rather different from what I write. I like to read dark suspense and historical romance. Even though I grew reading classics I soon branched out to thriller-genre writers like Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum etc. My current favorites in suspense are Michael Connelly and Tess Gerristsen. In historical romance I like Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Reading!!!

Know more about the Author- http://www.varshadixit.com/index.html

Her Twitter handle is @Varsha20.

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  1. Thanks M for introducing yet another stellar author. And Varsha, your books are really worth a recommendation.

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