When A Lawyer Falls In Love By Amrita Suresh

First things must come first.  Before I talk much, lets keep it precise.Two words that define the book best are ‘Short and Simple’

It is a refreshing ride through college life and I read it with memories flashing back from all corners of my mind and heart. Campus life holds a special place in every students life and when you get to read about friends and fun, there can be no looking back. The book does not have a plot with a start and finish but is actually about life in and around a law college, where love, friendship, relationships thrive and life seems all sunny and beautiful despite the ups and downs.  The write up is unpretentious and this makes it win an upper hand.

Ankur Palekar, a law student happens to be our protagonist in here. His room mate, a lanky chap is dear Vyas. Souvik, the class topper has a creative side to him. Sonali Shah, the Gujarati gal is no less than a lioness. She is impressive with her special interest and knowledge in palmistry and  astrology. Jaishree, the gal from the south is quiet and beautiful who takes a daring step at last. It isn’t as simple as it seems. But altogether, the campus life anecdotes have a smooth blend of  family worries, muddled love stories, studies but a major part dealing with friendship.

The story is charming.  Its witty and I especially liked the dozes of humour well intact. The first time author has come out really well and has a different style of writing. Though the book has no story as such but the campus tale has been written off well enough to make it a enjoyable read. I have lived in campus for 4 years and hence could relate with it perfectly. Don’t look for some hard core stuff because this one is a breezy read that helps to de stress. Will definitely not disappoint.

Looking forward to author’s next one, hope it has more wit and humour, that’s her forte.

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Have lots to read.I am thankful to authors for sharing a copy of their books.I promise to come up with many more reviews soon enough. Have been saving every minute to read the good stuff from you all.

Currently Reading: Prey By The Ganges

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