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Blogadda’s new initiative is definitely gonna be fun. The cyclic routine of the weekdays is mundane and leaves us with no time for ourselves .Weekend is the time to pause, hold one’s breath and think different. I love my weekends and mostly look forward to relive my days of creativity and expand in there. Writing over the Weekend is definitely fits in perfectly in my creative plan and what more can you ask for if you have a theme to give a voice to.
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I wish someone told me… ‘LIVE YOUR LIFE, BE YOUR TRUE-SELF’

It’s not that I am not living a heart-felt life or I am living someone else’s life. I am doing great and living a life of fun and frolic. Still I wish someone should tell me this everyday– LIVE YOUR LIFE, BE YOUR TRUE-SELF’. I want so because many a times we get swayed away in the worldly glories and lose the focus of our lives. This reminder would resurrect the idea each day in me that my life is important, I only need to be true to myself and not live a life of pretence. Though I know it myself but the inner voice goes unheard many a times.

Since childhood we have been taught to be true to ourselves and follow our heart and I am sure we all did that also but by the time we grow up we tend to become rational and with time the mind takes over the heart. We all start living a life of pretence, think more from the mind than the heart just to do well in the eyes of others or flourish in life or to enjoy the materialistic achievements of life. At one point of time, all this becomes the real aim of life and going forward the ‘true side of us’ starts diminishing.

Deep down within myself I know I too have become like this. But somewhere there comes an inner voice  which  wants me to be my true-self. I accept also that many a times I wish to live a life of my own, on my terms and conditions. I wish to do so only what my heart says. I want to do many things in life that I don’t have enough time for. I wish I could I could just be I,Me,Myself. Its actually being selfish and ignoring social obligations but then when is the time to live a life for oneself. Life is unpredictable, hence make the most of it.

Sometimes being true-self is not easy. Either its me or others but there are stop-overs.I have always had to fight with it.  The happenings or circumstances don’t let me do so at times. On some days, I get worked up with petty things and go into depression or some times I feel very low. Then we all live in a social world, so at times I get so engrossed in affairs of others that I  forget that have my own life too. For these tough times my wish would come to my rescue. Its gonna remind me to go on and live a life and be true-self.

For now I wished to write and now I am done… That’s the kind of life I want!!!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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