Author: Chandra Mehendrou

Everyone has a different interpretation of love.
I have always believed, where there is love, there is joy and happiness, a little madness and some bit of sadness. Similarly in this book, which is a compilation of 5 tales, we get to read about love and its relative emotions in more than one form. But the theme of all is one, there exists a twin Soulmate for each one of us and the realisation of true love happens when we meet the one made for us.

Love is charming, it is mesmerising, it is absolutely lovely.  I fail to describe it in words but I know the feeling is divine. You know it when you experience it. It is always written mushy- mushy about love but at the same time it can be painful sometimes. The stories in the book emphasis on all the aspects of love. What happens when you meet your ultimate Soulmate? How things change when he or she abandons you? What happens when you just have the memories and a long life to live without your love? What happens when you cannot accept the love because there are bigger responsibilities to look forward to? The stories are sweet and simple.

There is much more to just being in love and search for the true soulmate is simply fascinating. The first story ‘Thoughts of Maya’ touches one softly and we commonly find such love stories. All people do not find love but they never loose their faith in luuv. Second one- ‘True Love at First Click’- Sometimes love happens instantly but it may not be our soulmate. The story is really interesting and its not predictable. I liked the end. Finally the true love happens.

The third story is ‘Together Forever’– Suzanne finds her Soul mate but he dies suddenly. Life just comes to a halt for her. True love gives you strength and courage to fight the odds in life. Physically we may be separated but true love can never affect togetherness. Its eternal!  The next one-‘Tale of Love and Deceit’– Love comes in all forms but its important that we keep the loyalty and faith towards the loved one. Ultimate soul mate makes our life fulfilling but sometimes we may not be lucky enough to be able to spend our life with them.

Lastly-‘Till I can Create Love’— One’s believe in true love can win you many difficult times. The same happens with Siddhi.  After the bad experiences in life, she meets her twin soul mate. Be optimistic and definitely patience pays. The writers faith in true love is very powerful and it makes us sit back and take it seriously. There is inspiration for us. The stories were free flowing and enjoyable. Each one had its own twist and turn and everybody can relate them in life.

I enjoyed the book and would suggest it would be a breezy read for anyone who has loved or believes in the power of love. If you are hunting for your soul mate, go for this one. Just like in the book, anywhere, you may find the twin soul mate. What is needed is a strong believe in the miracles of luuuvvv… I believe… Wat say!!! All is fair in the name of Luvvv.

Happy Reading!!!!

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