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I walk, I talk
I laugh, I cry
I charm, I harm
I love, I hate
I may be nobody,
I can be anybody,
I am weak,
I am strong,
I have power,
I have the courage,
I want the change,
I bring the change.


Change is the most constant factor of our lives. But what matters most is how do we bring the change that we desire. There are hundreds of change that we wish to see around us. But only wanting and cribbing about them serves no purpose. Rather to bing the change in the society, we need to bring the change in our ownself.

It is said, Anything good must always begin from home.
Here home is I, myself. Any change in the society begins from me. You and I love to teach and preach about the change, its goodness and its implications, but very few of us really put our teachings into practice.

A small effort pays in large if there are billions of small efforts put in, its gonna bring herculean change.
Rather than talking about others to change, its high time we change our own attitude towards society, towards others and towards our own self. Nothing is available as free lunch in the world so lets take responsibility on our shoulders and get set to rock the world.

My day starts in the late morning but my cribbing starts early. I go to my balcony and then I blame the neighbors for throwing their garbage in front of my gate. I wish this could change.I shout at the maid for using excessive oil in my food.I wish she could change.I read the newspaper and get to read about corrupt politicians, plunder and loot. I think its not even worth to spend a minute and curse these people who have robbed our country to the core.  I step out of the house and there is utter chaos and crowd on the roads. I wish the public transport was better and I could fly over the jams. I blame my office timings for keeping me glued to my workstations for long hours. I am sure many of us go through the same since morning till night but can we really do something to help ourselves from these petty issues. Sometimes the issues are really deep and cant be solved until the whole system changes but then again it is us who have to step out.

I know its easy to talk or write about it and far more tough to put in practise. But despite of all these things,we all know we are a part of it. I know I have to be here, earn a living and live a life for myself and for my dear ones. So I must think on the aspect as to how can I help myself to bring the change. A small beginning from my end too would definitely be helpful but I am yet to start.

Some deep thinking on a Sunday…..

 I wish a change to happen.  Change will happen but then it has to begin from Ichange…

🙂 😉 🙂

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Manjulika Pramod

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