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Unlike always, I am not talking about a book and its no book review. But it is of quite much importance and equally related to the reason why I have not been able to read and write much in the last few months.

For the last few months, I have been going through writers block hence its time to work on it. I thought why not let me write my mind, post about my life and not about the characters in the book. I am sure this would be of interest too. Talks on Marriage and Weddings are always interesting but this one is straight from the heart…


I am sure the topic seems catchy for all those who have been married in last one year and also for those who have been married for years. 🙂  And now when I fall in the same bandwagon, I know why the curiosity related to marriage never dies. The experience and the learnings that come with marriage makes one grow like a tree where new leaves are added every year replacing the older ones. Similarly when married, we adopt new ways of doing things, behaving with others, reacting to situations and in this way we give up many of the older habits of doing things or perceiving them. Some of the new ways we adopt on our own and some may be forced upon… hope the latter are few in number… but definitely they will be there.


“Elders always said, marriage brings the real change. ” When people around me talked like this, I would always say, I am not meant for this kinda change and why should I?

But today its all very different. For me too marriage has come with many flavours. Its been new, sweet, memorable but  a little complicated too…



I have had many experiences. Some have been extremely pleasant and some saddening too…..



  • When a girl gets married, her life changes. You may resist the change but it takes over you without any effort. Most of the times, its comes so naturally. In fact I have seen myself behave in some situations like never ever before. I feel I have grown up, it feels good but also sometimes I miss the real me. Not sure if the NEW ME is going to replace the OLD ME. Both have diverse personalities. Hope the better wins.
  • Though I have had a love marriage and I are thankful to both our families for accepting it happily but It comes with its own ups and downs. It was a new life all together and a new family to live with. The culture is new, the food is cooked differently, the likes and dislikes are vivid.  One has to go through it all and mostly it is the girls. Sometimes I have liked it and sometimes not but one has to take it patiently. I couldn’t imagine a life without my parents but my in-laws have been really good and have helped me to be able to live with them especially when my husband has been away. But at the end, I would say life at your parents home is absolutely the best, make the most of it. I have come to value my parents more than always. Its new at the new place and It always takes time to love it in the same way.
  • I have had wonderful chance to see the world due to my husband’s job. I would say I have been lucky enough to bag four international trips in eight months. I have got a chance to see the world which has helped me to learn more, have my own views  and enjoy the beautiful places of the world. I got a chance to visit countries like Indonesia, Sweden, France and Switzerland and all the visits have been very enriching and memorable. People reading this may find it really attractive but I also had to go through the pain of living away from my husband for most of the time. In the eight months, he has been away for six months and that’s where the real experience comes from. I had a new family, new people and I had to learn to adjust all by myself. No doubt the people around me have been very good and supportive but I must confess its been difficult. I have sobbed on my lonely nights and there has been no one to console me.
  • Post marriage there is so much that one explores about oneself. There were few things I never cared to do but now I do them. Its not out of compulsion but there is an urge to do it for my husband, my in-laws. It feels so good to hear them say- you are doing good or you have done well. I have learnt to cook a little, look after my elders and do things for them which makes them happy. But then at the same time, I have hectic job and hence I feel I am losing time for my other interests. I do not get much time in my hands. Still to figure out how does one cope up with this?
  • I can also feel there are times when I am not able to do what I wish to do or what my mind speaks because there are people in the family who have their voices too. Earlier I would feel dejected but now in just few months, I have also learnt to respect others views. I may feel what I say is right but at the same time I have learnt to respect others. Maybe its time to learn more and become mature step  by step.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I am just a novice in this new phase of life and I am sure there would be many many pleasant memories and wonderful things to learn in the coming years.

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