The Bali Trip

I had a 10 day trip to BALI in INDONESIA. It was a great trip and the memories are still so fresh and lively, though it happened last year in November.

BALI— It’s a great holiday destination. I chose Bali because it has combination of both, breath-taking beaches and beautiful temples. It bestows the realization of both relaxation and culture.

We preferred to go without any travel package and planned it in our own way. I must confess this is a challenging part of any trip but when it turns out great fun, nothing can make you more proud and satisfied. Comparatively travel packages are easy and helpful but a trip for 10 days was not available on any of their cards and secondly if they offered to plan, they quoted prices more than that would cost for Switzerland.


  • Visaβ€”Have no worries. You just have to fly to Indonesia. Visa is easily available at the airport. Indonesia provides ON-ARRIVAL visa for many countries and India is one of them.
  • Hotelβ€” We booked from Agoda.  5 days in Oasis Lagoon in Sanur and 5 days in Ramada in Nusa Dua (map below would help to locate)
  • Places to Visit— Lots. Just read on!    Read this—Perfect trip: 10 days in Bali
  • MAP AND ITINERARY PLAN:       PERIPLUS MAP OF BALI- It helped us to plan the places for visits. The maps and guide books picked up at the airport also came in very handy. Every night we would sleep only after we had planned the ‘places to visit ‘for the next day.
  • If you need help, write to me. It would be my pleasure.


We started from New Delhi, flew to Bangkok and took a connecting fight towards Bali. The aerial view of it was awesome. It looks like an elongated piece of land, snake-like surrounded by vast expanse of water. In fact when the plane was at the highest altitude, it looked like a log floating in the sea.

See below:

The Bali airport is known as Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport. Visa and immigration process took half an hour. You may exchange some currency if need be and get hold of Rupiahs. It was all an easy affair and next we headed to the pre-booked hotel in Sanur.

On the way, we got the first glimpse of Bali, it had an Asian appeal. I felt comfortable and at home. Colorful umbrellas (white, black, yellow and red) in front of every door step made me curious. (There’s a story) Beautiful carvings and large statue structures stood high in the center of the cross-roads and they made my eyes gleam. Aha! There was lots of adventure and peace planned for the next 9 days.

Happy Travelling!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Perfect Trip:10 days in Bali (

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