This is an entry for the competition “The Perfect Festive Look” by Indiblogger and Shoppers’ Stop.

The story of M and Perfect Ensemble

Fashion-land was was all decked up. It was looking gorgeously beautiful and was shining bright. Fairy Goddess STYLE was dressed in a beautiful outfit. She was happy and content to have made sure that everyone had their best clothes to put on, flaunt and look glamorous in the approaching festive times. The rule and mantra of FASHION LAND was that FESTIVALS could never be celebrated in the best fervor without FASHION and THE PERFECT LOOK.

Suddenly she heard a cry. She looked down on Earth and saw a young lady M lying on bed and crying. She descended down and appeared in front of her.

Fairy-–Why are you crying child?

M—      I am crying because I have hurt myself and I cannot walk. Christmas is approaching and I have not bought my dress yet.

Fairy— Don’t worry child. I have fashion cookies for you. Pick any of them.

M happily picked one of them. The cookie contained a small paper and a combination of below words were written on it.

                                                                       WWW.SHOPPERS’ STOP

Fairy Style told M to choose her favorite ensemble from the place which was just a click away and assured her that she could do it all while lying on bed. Thus she would look equally beautiful like everyone and could have the best dress for the festivals. Then she vanished in the air.

M was absolutely gleeful and cheerful and nothing could stop her from looking her best this Christmas. She chose the below ensemble for the approaching Christmas.

M’s Perfect Ensemble

The French Dress. The Red Studded Earrings The Heart Shaped Necklace The High Heeled Boots The Perfect One M’s Pretty Clutch.

M was all set to look perfect this season. Fairy Goddess Style was all happy too.

Happy Shopping!!!

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Manjulika Pramod

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