Book Review: My Beloved’s MBA Plans by Disha

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Acquiring a masters degree/diploma in business administration has been looked up to for quite sometime. To secure a place and go on to completion stage from reputed MBA colleges is not an easy affair. One needs 100 % dedication and 200 % hard-work. Generally aspirants prefer to take up the two year course just after graduation or with few years of experience. Being single, with less number of liabilities saves on the emotional turmoil. However, the idea of one year program which asks for 5 and more years of experience hits us somewhere in mid career and early marriage stage. Thus, the decision suddenly becomes demanding and requires sacrifice, courage, patience, thoughtfulness and revaluation. Post marriage, lot of things change around us and pursuing ones dreams may not be the only preoccupation of mind. I have been through the dilemma and thus could relate with the book very closely. At the same time it has instilled in me the desire to go for higher studies.

One sentence:  A unique theme, handled delicately and uniquely by sharing stories of real and super romantic couples. 

One Word:  Inspiring!

BOOK TITLE:  Initially I thought it was a story of a wife or a husband spoiling spouses’s MBA plans, though nothing like it…  Nice Title!

BLURB:  It helps to build an interest in readers mind. A campus read but not about childish romances but more about the decision of doing an MBA, its effect on relationships and sundry. There is a unique concept and theme assimilated in the pages. Blurb sets the mood… on the go!

COVER DESIGN:  Depicts the crossroads of Love and Ambitions with a couple walking in a college campus. It should have had some colors. I did not find the dull grey and white look attractive.

STORY:  The author, while studying In IIM Kolkata comes across many married people in her batch and decides to capture their real life stories in here. Its a collection of sixteen couples put up together wherein each has a story to tell. Right from the time of deciding to study, to selection and then taking the big decision with the spouse, kids and some cases without them has been put up crisply and honestly. Students in Long distance relationships, with working spouses or home makers, couple with kids, everyone has a story to tell. While I read, I really thought taking hubby along with me in campus would be so much support as well as fun..but only if he finds job there..though I know its just a thought.. However, it has busted many myths and stopovers that studies are difficult after marriage. And one story that is my favorite is about the young lady who decides to take up the course while she was expecting..Wat a courage! Many more lovely stories make the readers feel good as well as instill in confidence to do more..

LIKES : I liked the conversations coming right from the horse’s mouth. Real stories and characters are always impacting. The stories are crisp and sorted and each lend a learning in a unique way. Gives a peep into different and numerous mature relationships. The lessons can be applied not only for studies but in different walks of life.

DISLIKES:  At times I felt there were similar kind of stories one after another just that the circumstances were different.  And while it prepares you to face the separation with commitment and love, it does talk about scaring separation that one has to go with while taking up these courses.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST:  Sixteen lovely and mature stories have something very sweet and powerful to convey in this pack of hundred pages.

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