Its been fifteen years when my Dad got transferred from Lucknow and we chugged to New Delhi. Who wouldn’t be excited to move to the capital city of the country that offered a promotion, better facilities, comfy amenities and some of the best options of education, growth and employment, so were we. Honestly, I did not take a liking for the city for the initial few years but gradually the magnanimity of its people took over me and I fell in love with the place. Hence, I would say it was not much about the place but its people who made it worth living and loving. Wish the love had lasted for long….

I have quite often felt uncomfortable under the scan of ogling eyes in my own city and after the 16 Dec incident, I have never felt so insecure and vulnerable. And what saddens me most is that there have been no measures to deter such crimes yet. The loss of worth and value of Life is what my heart feels for most. The neglect towards the poor dying on the road, women being made victims of heinous crimes and road rage leading to several deaths each day.

No doubt, I have been witness to Urban development which has led to mushrooming Toll Roads, Delhi Metro, Malls, Hospitals, Corporates, Colleges, Schools, Property etc. but there has been an exponential rise in the problems of a common citizen. Every day is a struggle for some. In many areas people get up to scarcity of water and sleep to power cuts while some do not even have a shelter on their heads. The bridge between the rich and poor is growing day by day. In monsoons roads are broken and diseases like dengue and malaria take a toll and come winters, there will be people shivering to death. Every year, it happens the same and no one is bothered at all. No wonder, the city has forgotten to value LIFE.

The POLITICAL BLAME GAME has been on a high, the LAW and ORDER has gone for a toss, SAFETY has lost its worth, WORTH OF LIFE has diminished considerably, TRAFFIC woes have multiplied, CORRUPTION has plundered us, ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES have penetrated deep in, ineffective urban MASS TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM pains us everyday….and the cycle goes on. Governance and its people have failed to fulfill their promises. They hardly bother to come out of their luxurious bungalows and cars to look into our root level problems.

But its not just them, the onus lies on us as well. We blame it all on others when it comes to problems in our own city but do we really do our part properly? Honestly, we don’t! Governance cannot teach us to treat each other well, they do not encourage rapes, road rage however there isn’t much done to deter it. Its the People who bother each other more than anyone. There is no law and order, no checks, no compliance, judiciary has failed to create fear among the culprits, thus there seems no resolution to these issues. We thrive in the ‘Chalta hai’ and ‘Juggaad’ formulae.

Every morning we rush to our offices and come back in the evening to neglect the issues that are created by us. What about the garbage that we litter around, the traffic snarls, parking disputes and unnecessary brawls that we lead, the environmental pollutions that we contribute to, the bribe that we encourage and most important our ignorance to our right to VOTE. Lets bring the change around us and in us. I know its easy said than done but at least lets give it a thought to act on it soon.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with The Favorite community of Indian Bloggers.

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