Are you a fitness freak? Do you prefer to hit the gym or the zumba dance-classes in baggy tee-shirts and over-sized pants? I hear a YES and a NO for the subsequent questions.

Nowadays everyone wants to look uber-cool and sexy and gymming/dancing comes as the best option. Also there’s no reason to dress like a schlub while working out.  In fact, in my opinion one must look great while shedding out so that you would never be tempted to skip the act at all. The workout clothes must work for me.

Lets see why we need to be fashionable…

We all crave to be fit to be able to flaunt the best dresses and it is equally true that fashionable clothes complement a fit body remarkably. The sports world has some of the trendy clothing-line to boast off but more than that the style, its important to wear the clothes that are comfortable, soft on skin and keep everything tight to the body for maximum support during high-performance activity.

Workouts are not just about sweating or panting, rather they involve a technique that has a rhythm and pace. Appropriate garments are necessary to extract the enjoyment and energy out of it. If you feel good and comfortable in your clothes, you would want to do more and the positive energy will keep you pepped up.

How to be one?

Imagine oneself swinging arms in a full- sleeve shirt or running on a treadmill in a pyajama, I would term it as a fashion faux pas. The days of wearing odd and uneven are a passe now. Its not about fashion but one has to feel  comfortable and stylish too to get a pump to do the push-ups.  🙂

Being fashionable is not about picking colors and designs but a gear that is functional and a little flattering. A tote for the girls and a sporty bag for the boys is in vogue. Carry all your stuff in there. Choose the right dress that goes with your activity. The property of the fabric should be flexible and moisture-wicking. It should be clean, spacious and not clingy. For the legs, one need pants and leggings that are airy, soft, youthful and fun and for the upper part, one needs fabric that are supportive and protective to the vulnerable areas. Use a head band if need be and choosing the right kind of shoes is essential and important at the same time.

I am sure now you must be tempted to get sporty and smarty. Choose your ensemble from Jabong’s sports collection. I am doing it too.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Let me dedicate a small poem to being fashionably fit….

Jump up gals and guys,

Its time to hit the gym and get pumping.

How about some dancing or kick boxing?

Don’t worry about the clothes.

Revamp and rock your wardrobe,

Rope in the style and motivation.

Pick and choose,

A full array of colors and patterns is around.

Go slimming with black, navy or the neon colors,

Tug the waist pouch, pack your back up,

Hook on to the trendy running shoes.

Be confident to sport the singlets.

The new pair of yoga pants is motivating,

The sweat -pants are not be missed,

The workout leggings are super cool.

Go for T-shirts with cap sleeves for extra coverage for upper arms,

How about a shape-wear Track- pants?

Isn’t it fun to flaunt a cool Gym-Gear,

It keeps us protected from wear and tear.

Be it slow and stealthy.

We deserve to be happy and healthy,

Let’s be Fit Fashionistas!

This post is written for blog contest by, online shopping store in India on the occasion of unveiling their exclusive Sports Collection inspired by the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

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Manjulika Pramod

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