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My trip to France last year was an eye opener. It brought me face to face to a culture that has adorable styling sense. The city of Paris is actually one of the world’s most gorgeous city. Not only one can eye worlds’ beautiful, elegant, stunning landmarks and architectural masterpieces there but also get soaked in the elegant retreat in Old Paris, with its charming décor, romantic allure and, rarer still, great music. Everything had an individual flavor, be it traditional, opulent, period style,rustic, coloris but overflowing in elegance.

Since then, I have been enamored by French Provençal Style and have longed for the French influence in my home. I have been so spellbound by its charms that I have wanted to talk and spread the word about it. Its been in my heart and soul. And here I get a fab chance through FABFURNISH…lets gets rolling.

A Provençal decor has a perfect combination for all seasons be it beautiful spring, summer, fall or winters. It is known to be more of a lifestyle than a decor style. It is one of the warmest and most welcoming decorating styles known in and around France.

What makes it all?

The decor styling takes its name from a Provence, a region in the south-eastern corner of France. The place is renowned for its spectacular landscapes, charming beauty of countryside, splendorous sunlight, rich lavender fields, balmy Mediterranean weather, calm pace of life and rich history of artists, writers, architects, thinkers. The inspired decor takes the spirit of life from there to be a beautiful combination of rusticity, refinement, warm tones, evocative colors, practicality and panache.

A full spectrum of the color wheel…

Provencal décor is known for its gorgeous and cheerful colors. It thrives on colors that are warm, high on energy, inviting, casual and reminiscent of childhood memories. The décor style is absolutely inspired by nature leading to happiness and peacefulness. The color palette consists of  lavender, sunflower yellows, burnt orange, olive greens, cobalt, sky blue, soft gold,  bright red, bright and dark greens, soft ocean tones and rust. For the earthy tones and touches, dove grey, taupe, dust and mustard make the choice. The look fits in best in any city home with a garden.

The impeccable choice for the season of FALL!!!

Autumn (the word itself comes from Old French word autompne ) also referred as Fall, is the season when the trees shed their leaves for further growth (colored autumn foliage). It is the period of transition. Also the summer season wraps up to make way for the winters. Sometimes, it also means fall of the year. With the advent of chill of winters, shorter days, early sunsets we tend to prefer keep ourselves inwards. We love to get cozy in our own house. The warmth of inside attracts and thus its the time to bring the mesmerizing Provençal countryside and vivid colors in the living room.

Oh yes, the LIVING ROOM….

The living room is the room where we live and the word itself makes it very important. It is the focal point of our house. It is a place where we share laughters, get pally and talkative with family and knowns. It is the place where we not only love to spend a considerable amount of our time but also extend a warm welcome to our friends. Living room speaks of our taste and is a symbol of a cultured household. The room should have a distinctive look and feel of its own. At the end of the day when you return home, the vibrant colors of the room should be soothing and equally cheery. The focus should be that a living room should house happy, cheerful, energetic and warm people. (Provençal style is welcoming, warm, inviting, colorful and friendly)

Happy decorating!!!

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