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On the last day of 2013… hubby and I had a thoughtful discussion on the breakfast table this morning. We were nostalgic about the year that it had been… We thrived in our togetherness!

I asked him: What would you remember 2013 for?

Hubby:  My hectic travel ventures, new learnings  and exposure.

I make faces..  😉  I hate his travels…..  🙁

Ummm… for your fights and bashing up on phones because of being long distance and then our making up for the fights on the voice chats ..our togetherness indeed!

I: What would you wanna skip this year?

He says….. Your falling ill so regularly, missing your medicines, no compliance to healthy diet and shouting on me for my untidy and lazy ways of spending my holidays when I am with you…. 😉

(I actually drive him crazy with my gyaan on tidiness, to shave off his stubble, to change his socks everyday, laundry, iron his clothes when he is with me….overall I am a fussy woman who loves to crib both when hubby is near and faraway…)

What about you? … he asked me too

I… Reading great books…traveling with you in second half of the year was lovely…and my new found love and connection with my passion of writing… its been a fulfilling year.. For me, definitely living without you in the first half of the year is something I wanna give a complete miss…

However, I knew within that I had not had a nice year with respect to my health… Deficiencies of Vitamin D, and Calcium had come pouncing on me… the pains that I had to bear were pathetic….I wanted to skip this and wished to get fitter and healthier in 2014… (while I mused… Hubby almost read it all)

Hubby…. Hey, lets get into a deal for the New Year!!!!

I… Sweet! Really? Like what?

Hubby… You have to drink a glass of milk everyday, eat an apple, and promise not to miss your everyday dose of medicines.... and in return I don’t give you a chance to complain…

I: What complain?

Hubby: In the new year, I won’t give you a chance to say “I hate that unclean stubble of yours”….. I promise to shave everyday and bowl you over, Watsay?     😉

Wow!! that is so nice of him…I have been wondering and feeling joyful….. For me to be healthy and happy, he has got into a sweet clean deal…. that defines LOVE!!!

🙂 🙂

Happy Blogging!!!

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