Kripaya Bell Bajaye….

Kindly Ring The Bell…. šŸ™‚

The Indi Meet- Ring TheĀ Bell!

“Ring The Bell” is an international campaign launched by Breakthrough in 2008. It is about making a promise to end the violence against women.

For the first time, I became aware of ‘Ring the Bell’ campaign when I saw the teaser on television where Boman Irani intentionally goes in the neighbors house to make a phone call, to divert attention because the lady of the house was being mistreated. I quite liked it and it did compel me to think andĀ appreciateĀ the thought process behind the creation. This small step, had the power to bring the much needed change. I must say it is the most simplest and effective way to save the females from violence if each man in the vicinity of the promises to take the positive step.


Men may come from Mars and Women may be dwellers of Venus,

They may argue, they may mock, they may blame one another,

But greatest Truth of life remains unshaken, together they carve and create life,

And the beauty of life is about loving each other and living with each other.

We know our fight is against theĀ perpetratorsĀ of the crime, it is against the bad elements of the society and we have to bring it to a halt with the help of the promising youth, good and sensible people, educated class of the society. When MEN and BOYS will make a promise to address and identify the issue and come to favor the cause, we willĀ succeedĀ in curbing the violence at much faster rate. Just like universe will not survive without the creators of life, women. Same way, it will not be a good place to live without the good men around us too. Ā šŸ˜‰

Every time a woman may not be ready to face the music. We all know women is the weaker sex, by choice. We are soft andĀ soberĀ and we have anti-violent ways of getting things done. But some men take to aggression and try to harm the fairer sex, they must be stopped right away. Ā A timely help from another man can do wonders.

A MAN can come forward to give the helping hand.Ā BelieveĀ me, It will be a great help!!!


Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual discretion for theĀ defenseĀ of the country, the over-throw of tyranny, or in private self-defense…..Ā John Adams

I concur with this thought and would like to extend it further. The same arms can act for the defense of a vulnerable,Ā victimized, vying for life, helpless woman.Ā  Making a promise and keeping with it can save a life. We all have to join hands to save the women of the country from the epidemic of domestic violence and physical torture.

Ā I- change will lead to Indichange…. and Indichange will lead to the much awaited Change in India.
Be a part of the CHANGE. Join hereĀ

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