Shopping, Saving and blogging, quite a stupendous combo it is! Here is the story about how all of it came together for me this festive season. Lots of blogging contests happening all around and it has almost turned like a writing festival for bloggers and I did some cool shopping for my blogging passion. Did I tell you I made a saving too… an earning from shopping?  😉

Dusshera, Diwali, Id, Christmas, the usual festivals have already begun and the celebrations are on a roll. It signifies that time for lots of shopping and fun has arrived. But the rising price of dollars as well as onions have played a big spoilsport for everyone and budget/savings have gone for a toss. We shopaholics are worst affected. However, I have a good news and what if I tell you that lots of discounts are just here on the lappy screen… look around. Can I see the glee faces?  🙂

So let me tell you about my recent encounter. I came across this very interesting site called CasHkaro. It claims to give everyone loads of discounts coupons and cash-back too on multiple online sites. In this age, who isn’t bitten by this cool age shopping inside the house, in the office, on a trip just at the click of the mouse? I am sure we all are!  The crowded markets no longer attract and we all love to explore the web. 

When I explored, I found it worth my attention and in no time created an account there. Just as the name suggests it is a cash back site where there are loads of coupons and deals to activate and shop through. And for some, there is a cashback % that gets added in the account. I was curious to know how it actually happened. I have already been using many of its collaborative associates (retailers) like Myntra, Fabfurnish, Flipkart, Foodpanda, Yebhi, Snapdeal, Yatra, Jabong, Indiaplaza, Dominos, Homeshop18, JetAirways, Zovi, Lenskart etc. The idea looked cool to me that why not go shopping on them via Cashkaro when I could do some Savings as well. ( Women will be women, we can’t compromise on shopping and talk about savings, our ears become upright instantly)  🙂

A gift for my love of writing…

Blogging is something I enjoy thoroughly. So after long working hours and wind up of household tasks, when I sit back to follow my passion in the night, lazy posture on the bed looks more endearing. I sit with my lappy trying to put my back straight and let my imaginations flow. However, recently there have been posture troubles and I have been wanting to buy a laptop table to let my writing go on superfluously. A writer needs a place of solace  and comfort to play with his art and creativity.

Laptop Table I chose

Online shopping gives a lot of room to explore and settle for best price in the indoor comforts. Thus, I too checked out at several sites, finally settling for one at Fabfurnish. I was quite excited and curious to get a cash-back from Cashkaro too. 

I activated the given code to get a discount of 6%.  I did as directed and the process is way too simple. Just like you visit a site generally, one has to go to Cashkaro and go via it. Cashkaro takes you to the desired site. Its easy peasy!!

Recommendation to friends..

I have already referred this site to my husband, my Dad and my friends. I highly recommend the site because the process is as simple as the site says. Before going for online shopping on other sites, I will definitely suggest go via Cashkaro. The best part ‘Invite your friends and get 10% of their cashback earnings forever!’  Sounds so cool…

See what I got!! 🙂

I earned a cashback of 83. 40 rupees. Yippee!!  I am all excited to make more deals and earn cash back after all its festival time. Have a great savings time too.  🙂 🙂 🙂

This is my post for the blogging contest organized by Cashkaro and I chose Topic 2 to write for it.
Shop via Cashkaro & share your experience. How did Cashkaro save you money and would you recommend Cashkaro to your friends?

Don’t miss on this festive season. Its giving you something which even the government has failed to give. Value for choice!!! 😉

Happy Blogging!!!

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