Indeed BLACK is beautiful!

My fascination for ‘Black’ and its prowess isn’t nascent rather it dates back to my childhood days when my Dad gifted me an awesome book called BLACK BEAUTY by Anna Sewell. The horse’s story set in the Victorian England, made an indelible impression on my heart. At the age of nine, I fell in love with a horse that was fictional.  Since then, horse riding classes became my favorite and the desire to own a feisty, handsome, well bred, black horse (similar to the one that was created out of author’s imagination) was never lost.

So the first and fascinating living thing that I desire is a BLACK horse.

Black Beauty, What the Black, Beautiful Black,
I wanna pet this Handsome, fiery Black Horse, inspired by ‘BLACK BEAUTY’

It has always been said and I concur with it absolutely. Adding a twist to it I would say a woman’s heart finds solace in two things and they are no less than a beautiful, bold, BLACK DRESS and a man who loves her enough to gift the most expensive one.    :)

I desire the below, absolute gorgeous Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Little Black Dress.  It is a timeless classic, most fashionable piece. My heart goes for it. I wanna possess that dress and wear it to have that killing look. 


Black, Beautiful, Sexy dress
Nothing can compare to the joy of fitting in this ‘Little Black Dress’



No one is born rich, but the believe to be in the league makes you one!  I wouldn’t shy to accept the fact that I love reading about expensive things around the world. BLACK is amazing and simply captivating. When I read about this piano and checked its picture sometime back, I couldn’t agree more.  Of all the musical instruments, I have always found Pianos huge and attractive. When it doesn’t take a penny to wish, I would want this piano with my guy playing a song for me in my drawing room. Yes, it is among the most expensive ones globally,  The Kuhn Bösendorfer Piano costing $1.2 million USD.  


Piano, Music, Black. Expensive
My Man in Black Tuxedo playing this Black and Beautiful Piano for me.


The drawing room of my newly acquired apartment has been wanting something really lavish to add to its decor and beauty.  I fancy a  black and white theme.  Did I tell you I am fond of collecting books, technology devices?  But more specifically I love them placed neatly and elegantly. My book shelf’s free space is nearing an end soon, thus I want the below, all in BLACK, a multipurpose cabinet that looks so lovely complimenting the sofa-set in white.  Its gonna be one of my own expensive, extravagant indulgence and I so want it. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?


Black, wholesome, cabinet
The BIG BLACK cabinet for the black and white theme of my house.


Life without technology is simply unimaginable these days. We just can’t thrive without applications and gaming. And Gadget love is the new love. Our generation loves gorgeous cellphones and tablets absolutely. And thus to add to my wish list is  most beautiful, brilliant and sexy phone.

Yes! its Black Diamond, an exclusive one thats made out of titanium and is studded with real diamonds.


Black Diamond, Gadget, Technology,
My heart always goes to Beautiful Gadgets.


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