No, I never saw an ANGEL,
but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not.
I feel their presence around me.
Paulo Coelho

My faith in the meaning of the words is unquestionable. From the time we are born, we are carefully handed over to two special people who never fear from their angelic deeds when it comes to preventing us from all harms. And gradually we find our own people in life who cross us on roads, in the trains, flights, offices, adverse situations and extend a helping hand. Through this post I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of them who have  saved me from the toughest times and brought a smile back on my face. I am thankful to God that I have been blessed with wonderful people around me.

Great deeds have long lives and one should never let them die. Once there was a man who pulled me back from the speeding car on the road and in my state of shock I didn’t even realize that I missed saying a thank you to him. In a crucial phase of life, I was too lucky to meet a friend who took absolute care of me when I was severely ill. And now there is a guy in my life who stands for me always and bails me out from peering questions of others.  So for me, my Crisis Angels have had many faces. But there is one person who deserves the biggest gratitude and he is my Dad.  From the smallest troubles to the biggest goof ups of life, I have never feared to confess to my Dad and he, being my super angel has heard me lovingly and pulled me unaffected from all. Unlike Mum who prefers to give her lectures first before soothing the wounds (ofcourse she loves me too),  Daddy prefers to hold hands till the hard times are gone. I see my biggest Crisis Angel in him.

This is just one story, what happens when bigger things strike, there comes a need for crisis angels. When all doors close and devastation goes beyond repair,  there appears a savior and it is always in the form of humanity. Angels are not people born with four arms and two nose, they are normal human beings who exist amongst us but have a heart to act for others.  Last time, when you needed a helping hand or were stuck in deep crisis, I bet it was a human figure who bailed you out. For me it has always been them, either parents, friends, teachers, strangers etc.

When large scale destruction strikes, thousands lose their near and dear ones and their own life gets worst affected. They do not have much to do and have to start everything from beginning. For many life becomes distasteful but it doesn’t stop. Help does reach them through humanity. The most recent being J and K flood, Hudhud cyclone in Vizag and the Assam floods. Lets follow the work of one such organization that is doing every bit possible to make situations better.

As a kid, I remember reading about the Laatur earthquake in the newspapers and asking my Dad, ‘How will people get homes?’ and he had said, ‘ We will all contribute to make it better for them’ ( being a government servant he could say that because Government employees always dedicate a small amount from their salaries when natural calamities of mammoth level strike) but I never knew there were many other ways of helping too. But today more than making a contribution from my salary, I know even I am doing my smallest bit by spreading the word about these wonderful organizations who are determined to be on war-footing in the crisis hours. Lets pledge our support to them.


I would request you too to come forward and support their cause. It could be as simple as following and spreading the word about them.

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Manjulika Pramod

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