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Hey come again M!   (Noops couldn’t control her excitement, I could feel the vibes coming from kilometers away.)


I heard something like Parttyyyy@House. I wanna freeze the deal now over the phone…. said Noops

Oh yes! Dear I did say that. Keep yourself free next Friday when you are in the capital and tell the ‘Hyper Gang’ too. I leave it on you to bring them all.

Really? Freaking fun it would be. We have been waiting for this invitation darling, I will spread the word sweets. None would want to miss this one. Its been ages since we have shared cuppas.

Yes, it had been due long time though 3 of us from the college gang lived in NCR yet the get-togethers had become forgotten. I felt heavy as I disconnected the call. But I was happy too, it would happen soon.

Marriage, new role, new people in the house, demanding job, writing and the rut of everyday life hardly gives us time to catch up with school and college friends. I miss them, the lovely souls for sure. The feeling never dies that they are a call away but meeting them personally hardly happens. So this time since Rays is coming to Delhi from Bangalore, I have planned a party at my house, the first one ever where I will be proudly donning the Host’s hat. I just can’t wait to see them. Gossips, laughs and the lengthy conversations would simply follow. There is plenty to be done and I am truly excited.

The word ‘Party’ tags along three additional P’s Preparation, Planning and Pleasures. The gang of five of us is to meet after years and the chit-chat over the table is bound to go on for hours. From the food-spread to stylish touch to the house to the flower arrangement there are many creative tunes playing in my mind. I wish I could implement it all with a magical spell.

I know its gonna be tedious but soon a smug smile returns on my face. This gives me the right reason to restyle the house that needs a makeover big time. There is a week to go and thus I can plan it all meticulously and buy some oh- la- la decorative furnishings. Giving a beautiful feel to the house and adding a dash of style is my idea of the evening.  I want to please my friends, make them comfortable, make them gorge to the full and of course surprise them that a tomboy like me has turned into a  glorious home maker.

So here I begin to collate my selective choices, wish-list and key things to consider before the D day.


I want to cheer up the sad walls of my house with wall stickers which are in vogue. These floral or wordy themes look damn pretty and will definitely enhance the look of the room perfectly. A design chosen in complement with the color of the wall paint would be a great choice. I love them all, will pick two of them.

Peppy and Vibrant Wall Decor


A well lit room is of utmost importance. Until the music is on and the mood is all peppy to rock and roll, the lights shouldn’t be on the darker side. Lamps, even when unlit add to the austerity and elegance of the room. Its tough to go for just one. Choosing among these would be a tough call but I am sure each one has its own beauty and attraction. What do you think which one would you pick for your drawing room?



Its all about the Lights shining Bright


A coffee table, a multi-purpose cabinet and a bookshelf, all the three essentials have been on my mind. I have fallen for the coffee table. The deadly combination of blue and white makes it look so appealing. I am dreaming 5 of us, (famous as Hyper gang in the college) sipping our cuppas around the table and gossiping endlessly.  And the ottoman set has caught my fancy.  The colorful set is just so pretty.  I can proudly say that old book shelf is full and now I need a new one, one big bookworm is me.  I desire a rotating bookshelf now. The bar cabinet and the multipurpose shelf have their needful purposes too. Best of all they will add a stylish dash to my drawing room and living room.



Hunger pangs are felt not just by the food but also by the looks, designs and colors of vessels it is served in. Yes, its been scientifically proven that the platters and their material, their colors , designs have a role to play in tempting us and helping us overcome hunger pangs. The below are the things that I have taken a fancy for. Though not all but a few definitely deserve a place in for the party. The pitcher and the glasses would serve the lemonade and the tea mugs would remind us of hostel days,  (Garmagaram Kadak chai days)

Shiny Crockery and Table accessories


For the garden, I wish to go for the gazebo. If it rains, the evening snacks would just be so much fun under it. The Ganesha wall clock looks stylish and sombre. The rug needs a change too. I like the reddish one below.  Oh! I have wanted a mirror, a luxurious one forever in the living room. It absolutely looks wow. And as the party goes, we may want to end it playing and having fun over the bowling pins. Watsay?



Thats my idea of decorations for the party den. Suggestions welcome until I place orders. 

Hope Next Friday is all rocking!!!

Pictures  Courtesy: Fabfurnish.

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