The dream doesn’t lie in victimization or blame; it lies in hard work, determination and a good education.
Alphonso Jackson

We all know that education is that which prepares us for everything in life and there can be nothing better than this if someone dreams to provide education for all. 

Mr. Chandra Kumar Pradhan, a retired principal has one goal in life and that is he wants education to reach every home. He wishes to educate all those who cannot provide for education. He runs and teaches at Saraswati Mandir School,  not just any school but one that is located at one of the points on Indo Nepal border which is  9, 900 km above sea level.  The place is called Megma.

When he was in standard fourth, he had written in his dairy that he would be a teacher when he grows up and today he is living his dreams. His passion shows when he talks about his mission that none should be deprived of education, not even those who cannot provide for meals. After retiring as the principal, he continues to teach free of cost. His actions complement his words as he happily talks about his passion and enjoys teaching.

The zeal with which he has been doing the good cause is exemplary. There isn’t anyone more satisfied than him but his noble endeavor needs our help. He doesn’t charge a single penny and thus teaching in a school without the essentials can be a tough affair.  He has enough passion to teach till his last breath but there is more to it. The school and the students need stationery to keep it running. 

One of the other teacher, Neela ji has been teaching for twenty years along with him. She lives at 10,000 km feet above sea level and treks down 2 km everyday to teach in the school. This three room school proudly educates 20 underprivileged kids with the best it has. The children walk in happily despite of all odds. The chairs are shaky, the walls are peeling down and there are broken blackboards but the video below shows that there is a dream that flourishes at greatest point. Mr. Chandra Kumar wants to do the best and ensure that none remains uneducated in that area.

We should all come together to support his cause. Lets ensure that we share and spread the word and help stationery reach the abode of education.  One man’s dream can be everyone’s dream. Kudos to this passionate principal. Our society needs people who can inspire and others who can get inspired.

Thanks to Do Right initiative taken up by Tata capital in association with Indiblogger for telling us this HALF STORY.  I have written the post with my contribution towards making it reach its completion soon.

A few lines that I dedicate to this cause,

At the highest heights
At the deepest depths,
I ask not much, a black board, some copies and a chalk in white,
I will teach, I will educate all till I have sight,
Be it summers, be it winters, be it day, be it night,
You do your right, and I will do my right.

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