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If you did not notice my last travel posts, I must tell you that you have been missing a series on MALAYSIA. I am writing posts after posts because I have so much to talk about my recent trip there. Oh yes!!! I won the MalaysiaJao blogging contest and my trip was hosted superbly by Malaysia Tourism.


Lets photo-walk it through my lenses…

Kuala Lumpur’s history proudly talks about its ‘evolution from the Mud where two of its rivers met. The name Kuala Lumpur means ‘muddy confluence’ in Malay. The two rivers Klang and Gombak which flow through Kuala Lumpur led the clumsy village to its course of urban civilization. A leader of the chinese community, Yap ah Loy came to be known as the founder of KL. After several outbursts, Chinese and British interventions, racial riots and its own set of struggle, KL became the capital of the independent Federation of Malaya in 1957 and of Malaysia in 1963.

I was awed to learn about the wonderful transformation the capital city has undergone! The skyscrapers and the gleaming buildings shine like jewels in the night in Asia’s richest capitals. After it became a federal territory, the city has undergone phenomenal growth in terms of population and architecture. The mere tin-mining village in 1857 which was discovered by a group of 87 Chinese miners has come to be one of the sought-after travel destination.  Earlier when the Chinese, English and others came here in search of tin, today it is known world over because of its iconic buildings , the Petronas Towers and KL Tower.

I thoroughly enjoyed my three days of stay in KL. Apart from visiting the ‘Must-Visit’ places-  KL Tower, Batu Caves, National Monument, National Museum, Petronas Twin Towers , Merdeka Square, Chinatown, National Monument, Fascinating malls etc, I did not miss to capture many fascinating things about the city. They give us a peek into its taste for history, art and culture.



1. Petronas Twin Towers, National Monument, Batu Caves, The Revolving Restaurant in KL Tower


       2.  Sungei Wang Plaza in Bukit BINTANG,  KL Tower,

Temple at BATU caves, Bird’s view from KL Tower, CHINA TOWN



3.   Ever smiling Jeevan, our friend and guide who helped us DISCOVER THE KL CITY.

The above picture is taken at KUALA LUMPUR GALLERY.


4.   I loved the flowery, stylish street lamps of the city.

Hibiscus or bunga raya, also known as Chinese hibiscus, China rose is the National Flower of Malaysia. I learnt it was chosen as Red color symbolizes courage and its five petals signify the principles of Nationalhood.



5.   Spotted War tanker outside Muzium Negara (National Museum) on the eve of their Independence day.

6.  I so wanted to play this unique Malaysian indoor game which looks so much like Chess.

This Green and White Board Game sits in the Malaysian Museum


7.   MALAYSIAN FLAGS being hoisted across the capital city.

The highlight of the FAM trip was to take us through ‘MERDEKA’ celebrations and thus the patriotic locals  on 31 August, celebrated the anniversary of Malaysian independence with fun and fervor.


 8. We did not visit Mosque so I captured its miniature version kept in KL Gallery.

MASJID JAMEK is the first brick mosque in the city.  The interesting part about it is that it features Moghul arhictecture and heritage.

 9.   This was captured on the Merdeka Day at 7 in the morning. It is  the Metro station of Masjid Jamek. 

We had got down at this station and walked  to the Merdeka Square.

10.  A wall which displays world wide customized design works of ARCH.

  ARCH, a brand that creates unique gifts and collectibles based on the theme of “One City, One Heritage”. All kinds of customized gift items are available at ARCH in KL gallery and its all hand made. It aims to capture the uniqueness of some of the world’s greatest heritage landmarks. I totally loved their collection.



11. Traditional Malay Dance capture at the Saloma Theatre Restaurant

SALOMA Theatre Restaurant is located next to the Malaysia Tourism Centre. With great buffet food, one gets a nice cultural experience too.



12.   Get a peek into the brilliant art work done by the school children of Kuala Lumpur.

On the ocassion of Merdeka, the city gallery had organized a theme painting competition and children had beautifully played around with colours on paper. Being a painter myself, my eyes gleamed at pictures so many.


Happy Traveling!!!

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