Most of the books that we read give us a blend of things. Most definitely, they offer us entertainment, pleasure, fun, drama, emotions churned in a story. Those which give us beyond them are not just books but more. Feelings, longings  and learnings from such books stay for long. So the latest one that I have read and has been the talk of book-town has made such impact. It speaks about erotica, sex, temptation, a woman’s desire. You said its a taboo in our society. Yes! we are not supposed to discuss about it, they say girls are not supposed to talk about it at all. Suppression rules in our society. But I love it when its defied.

Having wrapped it last week, I have chosen to review it now.  Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s book ‘Sita’s Curse- The Language of Desire’is the one that has revisited a woman’s sexual journey from a young girl to a fully grown up woman.

Title:  We have all read and known Sita in the Ramayana’s version, this is a different take entirely but isn’t it the author’s way of questioning the curse that every woman has to live through. Sita’s curse is an intriguing title that leads to lot of curiosity. Quite a thoughtful title. And there is a connection more to it. To start off, the protagonist Meera was always made to play the role of Sita in school.

One Line: It is an attempt to define woman in a new avatar, her sexual being, her form that has always been there but suppressed, ignored, declared dead but now someone decides to break free…

At a certain age Meera’s mother says… You are not supposed to tell this to anyone. The memories from the past flooded me.  I remember my Mum telling me the same.  The moment our bodies begin to undergo the changes, we are told a rule of things to do and not to do. And there is no explanation to many things forever.

Story:  Meera Patel loves to spend her childhood with her twin brother Kartik. She loves to play with him, sleep with him and touch him innocently. But soon adolescence touches upon her and takes her into her stride. Their mother instructs brother and sister should live in different rooms now. She is baffled as Kartik has always been her strength, her support, her confidant, her best friend. Due to irreversible circumstances,  Kartik is ousted from her life forever but he never dies in her thoughts.  Soon Meera reaches her marriageable age, too young though is married to a man in Mumbai. He keeps her away for an year and then finally the wife gets a chance to live with her husband. Till this time she has kept the bundle of her sexual desires under wraps dying to be exploded anytime. But soon she finds herself caged in an abusive relationship.

The mother in law wants her to be blessed from the Guruji who has his own ways of making woman realize their desires. Life moves on for her but there are no kids happening. The woman in her has its temptations that can’t wait any longer. Meera finds and creates her own standing in her cringed living space. She evolves but their is more to a woman than just her everyday routine life. When she learns computers,  the online world opens up experiences and satisfaction like never before.

Read it for : The book is engaging from start till end except a few passable moments. The writing flows with sheer brilliance blended with great imagination of the author. The human passion and desire has been dealt sensually. Women have always been shielded from talking about sex, about their desires, about their body, lust but not here. There is no sign of fear or veil in the writing. The voice of the woman is the strength of the book. There is enough erotica to entertain in here too.   But its not about entertainment, its the story of real woman who speaks a language of desire. There is stifle, suffocation in Meera’s life but there comes  liberation eventually.

The Low points:  Every book has its highs and lows. At some points, Meera’s personality gets overshadowed by her obsession with sex. The sudden disappearance of Kartik from Meera’s life and at the other hand the inflow of his memories that hit Meera  at the unpredicted moments did not go in well with me. Yosuf’s, the online friend of Meera, his character was not as convincing as expected.

Overall, do pick it up. This one is touching and thought provoking equally. It should be read by both men and women. And I am sure every woman will find a voice in the book. A relief to read all that is Hush hush!!!!


Happy Reading !!!


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