March has been going good. I have been blogging in full swing and that’s the secret of my happiness. To keep myself on my fingers and not toes, I am experimenting with different niches  and not just restricting myself to book reviews.  I am also writing as guest bloggers at few portals and once such good concept happens to be Project 365, where a post appears daily. If you missed my last post, you can always catch up with it here. That was about growing up. Now is the time for the next prompt. I picked this one because I wanted to write about my favorite movie and more than that I have always believed in its theme…. famous quote you may say!

Here goes the silver screen prompt….

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post.

Thus my favorite movie is Dil to Pagal Hai and I am a staunch believer in its dialogue when Madhuri Dixit then and now Mrs. Nene says that someone somewhere is made for you and at the right time God sends the signals. While Bollywood baadshah makes fun of it initially, only to fall in its trap later. But then and now, I was convinced with the thought. In 1997, when the movie released I was only thirteen but I had heard stories of my grandparents and of my parents, and a cousin too. They had all met their partners in different situations and circumstances.  What had brought them together remains a mystery.

My Nanaji belonged to Burma now Myanmar. He had come to visit his ancestral village across the borders of India and there he saw a girl. She was fifteen and my Nanaji was nineteen. He was dark complexioned and the girl was green eyed beautiful damsel and thus he fell in love.  Back home when his mother mentioned marriage one day, he said he wanted to marry the girl he had met in the village. None bothered and his words were forgotten soon. But later he came back to the village to marry my Nani… so this charming story has never left my heart… someone somewhere is made for you and when you have to meet, it just happens….

A cousin of mine met her hubby in a wedding. It was a reunion of north and south. They had exchanged their names on the plates that are meant for having dinner. What had clicked between them and after that one meeting life changed for both of them. My cousin’s parents had been hunting for a groom for her for like long and the kundalis had refused to match with anyone. Maybe the reason was that someone was waiting for her somewhere in south and they had to wait to meet at the right moment. Isn’t it interesting?

My parents were born and brought up in the same city. They had lived close by, they had studied in the same college and they had never met each other before marriage. But when they met, it just clicked for them so wonderfully.  So its not just the rare encounters, even the well planned ones live up to this cliche. People from far away places and near just connect and suddenly they plan to spend their life together. What brings them together and what is this miracle remains an enigma!!! I told you, its true and if you don’t believe me, you may go and watch the movie again Dil to Pagal Hai…

Some more stories, my believe in the thought was strengthened in college when girls and boys from all across the state and outside too gave their heart to each other. What a wonderful coincidence God had conceived for them to come from far and near and meet their soul partners in the college. I never understood the fact that why the girls from the branch of  electronics communications never struck gold with their batchmates, they always found the boys from computer science batch attractive.

And I  did not find my soul mate even in four years of college… But on the other end I was happy that my parents would do the groom finding for me, atleast I wouldn’t have to go through the whole episode of family drama where the families refuse to mix up… and lo while I was making merry I met my someone special in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh… and I met a Punjabi guy from the states of Punjab and J&K… where I had never been… and for him UP was alien…I still remember when I met him, he was carrying no board that he was my soulmate but gradually there were many indications from Dear God that he was the guy for me…. Love just happens…

Thus, I am sure you all agree that marriages are made in heaven and someone somewhere is made for you and you will be brought closer just any day…. wait for the right time… it will happen…

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