Ring a-ring o’ roses,
A pocketful of posies.
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down!

Those were the beautiful days of innocence!

And suddenly one day, we realize we are no more children. What follows next is a stage of confusions. As a teenager I am sure each one of us has felt an urge to be called a grown up. Ofcourse being loved, pampered as a kiddo was bliss but it always irked me when the biggies in the family turned me down by saying ‘You can do your will only when you are big enough, not now’. Really? I was unsure what it really meant… as far as my height and weight was concerned I was doing good.

I was fascinated with the term ‘Grown Up’ and I was in a rush to join the league. However even when I crossed the marriageable age of a female, I was totally incompetent of taking care of myself.  Mum was taking care of my food cravings and I needed Dad for every other thing. I was thoroughly dependent on my parents. And more it was first year in the hostel and I was crying and cribbing away from home at every other thing that dint comfort me. Bah!! I knew I wasn’t doing good, getting a tag of an adult was not enough, there was time to be called a biggie… I clasped and waited…

In next three years of engineering I saw myself grow intellectually, emotionally and physically. I had moved beyond my house and my room. The ceilings of the hostel room often made me wonder what the world held for me. And soon came the job and I was face to face with the insecurities, cruelties and pretense of the world. Sometimes I lived and otherwise failed to live to the expectations of many around me… I wondered was this about being grown up…being introduced to worry, work, responsibility, and the difficulties of existence?

But now, I saw the little grey in my parents hair and that was the day when I felt uncomfortable. Yes! I felt I had grown up but there was more to it. I realized I had my responsibilities towards them but they never told me much about their problems. Once, Mom fell ill and I successfully took care of the things around her and of the house too… the feeling of being grown up strengthened. They wanted me to get married now but there was no rush. And one day Dad went ahead and gave me permission to look for my dream partner… he said, Have your choice…you are good to take  care of yourself…. Really? Was it the day for which I had been waiting…?

And then finally it came my way, we decided to buy a house and that was the day when my parents discussed the finances. We , trio sat together and discussed the whole plan. I felt extremely happy when my Dad said, lets invest together. This is what I have and rest has to be taken care by you. We have no son and we have never felt the need of it too. Lets buy the house and I know you will take care of us… I had tears in my eyes!!! I had waited to be involved in their conversations which involved big decisions of the family. And this was the day when I really felt, I had grown up!!!! 

I don’t think I’d have been in such a hurry to reach adulthood if I’d known the whole thing was going to be ad-libbed. – Bill Watterson

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