Smartphone or Tablet? Confused…

Don ‘t be surprised if I tell you that I am one among the rare species who doesn’t own a smart phone. Do you say, ‘I am nuts’ ?

Well, the truth is I am still in love with my Nokia 5800 express music with a symbian interface.  Friends have told me umpteen times that it needs a change and have suggested their  favorites too but I have not given in yet. So probably you would have concluded by now that I don’t belong to the gizmo obsessed clan. However, its not so. I love to explore apps and I am a social media enthusiast. Honestly, as a blogger my needs are more that my present phone can meet. I often crib about the camera pixels, picture quality and the inability to install my favorite apps but then my reasons for not switching to a Samsung or Iphone has been their non-stop race to outdo one another and of course the soaring prices. Every month there is something new popping in the market. No offense to the developers but I kind of find it insane.

Its happened more than once now, by the time I was impressed with a colleague’s phone and was planning to go for it, he or she already declared that a new version of it was just round the corner.  Its not cutting edge technology but technology storm that has been in the air. In some way, its good but then it isn’t easy to shell out a huge sum of money every six months just to match the race of owning the best smart phone in the city.

Thus, I would say I am a laptop person. My work involves a lot of  web browsing, writing, blogging and thus I can’t really do much without it. A smart phone will never meet my requirements. I had been analyzing my needs and had been on a lookout for something that could be lightweight, easy to carry everywhere, have a large screen, could fill for the laptop for few hours and click pictures too. You got it right Tablets, the cute toy/tool in the market has caught my fascination for sometime now. I have been looking for all possible reasons to buy one and the Fairy Godmother had been listening. Lo and behold, one day comes a mail in the inbox which says I could have a DELL TABLET to use, play around and blog about it. Isn’t that cool? I was too elated to ask for more.

What could be better than this that I get a chance to use the product and then go for it.  I would definitely congratulate DELL for being so confident about their product and letting bloggers talk about it. So you can see down below the one that came knocking for me.

So firstly, I must tell you the things that I did foremost when it arrived.

I did a happy dance and swooned with happiness to be a blogger

Of course,  after the showing around was done, I eyed the specifications of it build and model. (Its 3730, Venue 7)

I read the manual which has laid down the instructions quite clearly.

I charged it, connected it with Wi-Fi and registered it with my email id.

With no second thoughts, I began downloading my favorite apps and games.

Within half an hour, I already lapped them up….WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Angry Birds, Instagram, Oxford Dictionary, Times of India. By this time, I have more than thirty applications successfully installed. I am not using it to read books because I already have a kindle. 


The feel of having a new tab was awesome. The 7 inch display was the first thing that I fell for.

It boots up instantly, the touchscreen is fun, navigation is easy.

Almost instantly I had a realization that this was something that I had wanted for my blogging meets to click pictures, to tweet, to make notes and to flaunt… just kidding.

Well on the humorous side, I haven’t been bothering hubby to come home soon because now I have a tablet to play around with, explore new apps. Laptops generally become too boring after a long day at work.

1> Freedom from the bulky laptop. I have been making the best of it by carrying the tab everywhere even in the kitchen.

2> Its so easy to make notes absolutely anywhere. I carried the tablet to my first blogging event and that was Google’s YouTube Event. It really came out helpful to browse a few things that I learnt there.

3> Playing games has never been so much fun. Its an in car entertainment system. I use it to and fro my office cab rides.

4> I am yet to write a blog post on it, however I have been making notes promptly.

5> And picture clicking has become a rage with me.

Time to do some instagramming… There is definitely more to come. I am quite enjoying my tryst with my TABLET.

Happy Blogging!!!

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Manjulika Pramod

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