#Livelodycal Ride in Goa and the highlights of 3 super fun days!

Goa Again!

Goa Again!

The biggest blogger meet happened in Goa at LiveLodgycal Drive
The biggest blogger meet happened in Goa at LiveLodgycal Drive

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I love to Flaunt!  Why not?

Well if I said I don’t care about being in the Top 50 or Top 40 list of bloggers in India, of course I would be lying. I do care about the numbers where it really matters. Being a blogger who loves to call herself social butterfly, how could I afford to miss the biggest blogger get-together and Monsoon dhamaka that happened at the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa from  19th to 21st June!

So when the mail from Harish (Blogadda) popped in the inbox, it did two things for me. First, it made me believe that ‘blogging is powerful’ and second it made me thank my ‘travel stars’.  I was already in Goa for a blogging activity when I got the mail whose subject read as below….

The best bloggers in India will be in Goa! Want to join them?


Of course I answered an Yay! Rest what the bloggers brigade did in Goa is already making news in the blogosphere! Grab your bites from the twitter hashtag #Livelodgycal but before that read my blog post.


I love these special badges!
I loved the badge and the personal connect!


Day 1

  • Always remember, when blogger-friends meet they have lots to talk.
  • Aditi Mathur and I were really looking forward to our first meeting and the Lodgy meet did it for us.
  • Our conversations had no end and there was no looking back from the moment we met at the airport.
  • Soon we were joined by Rekha Kakker, one of my favorite food blogger who inspires me to blog and do what I am passionate about.
  • Non- stop we chatted and together we flew to be at the Dabolim Airport, Goa.
  • Goa in Monsoons, you must do it! Look at the picture below!


Gorgeous Goa
Gorgeous Goa



  • In Goa,  we were warmly greeted by the Renault representatives and they directed us to the bus meant for us to take to Leela.
  • In the bus it was wonderful to see the faces behind the powerful blog-voices.
  • There was a mix of all- bloggers whom I already knew, bloggers whom I read regularly, bloggers who were already my friends and bloggers who became friends after the meet.
  • I met my team-members Jim and Pradosh of #Whooshters (Team 2) in the bus too.
  • At Leela, we went through all that that’s called pampering.
  • After the warm welcome from Blogadda team, we went footloose on the evening snacks. With only noodle box for lunch in the flight I was super hungry.
  • Next it was time to head towards our room. At 7 we had to come back again in the hall for the Lodgy fun to begin formally.
  • The buggy ride to Room No. 331 was breezy in the lovely weather but more than that it was super exciting to find Neha Mathur  from Bangalore as my room-mate for the next two days. Lovely and warm person she is! No ifs and buts about it!
  • Soon we freshened up and made our way to the room that saw 40 energetic and happy faces seated together.
  • The emcee for the evening was RJ Archana from Mumbai and she was absolutely awesome. (A combination of beauty with brains)
  • After a wonderful start from the Blogadda team, Renault’s marketing team accelerated the fun by taking us through a ride-through into the details of the Lodgy car.
  • The ride was meant for Day 2 but it was very important to know the specifications before-hand.
  • I hate to drive in Delhi jams but when it comes to drive on Highways, I totally love it. In Goa, its always a different ride altogether.
  • The team of French car manufacturer sounded confident about their product and I was really looking forward to the ride next day.
  • Next I knew, I was hogging on the lavish dinner spread at the Leela restaurant.
  • Oh I must mention 5 of us ganged up in one room and gossiped till 2 in the night.


I really loved the artistic food decorations at Leela


Day 2


Renault Lodgy drive
The #Livelodgycal ride began this way                                Picture Source


  • The monsoons played magical and we woke up in Gorgeous Green Goa at Leela.
  • The beautiful views inside the Leela premises and the breakfast buffet fueled us for the power-packed day.
  • Oh yes, the photo sessions were extremely important to pep up for the big day.
  • All team-members had ganged up and the flag off was due to happen.
  • My team 2 –Whooshters had 4 of us- Rekha, Pradosh, Jim and I



  • Rekha ma’am started for us. While Pradosh sat in front to check for other features. Jim and I settled in the second row. To start with, each one of us had something different to focus on.
  • While Rekha ma’am played with the ABC and the steering wheel, I got busy taking pictures of the car’s interiors which reminded me of Duster.  No doubt, the element of luxury and spaciousness sprang up instantly.
  • We started from Leela and the destination was 37 kilometers away at Lalit.
  • Within ten minutes of my looking around inside the car, I declared ‘It is indeed spacious’. We had so much space all around.
  • Next I looked for the charging points in all the rows, yes they were very much there. Yes, a social media enthusiast like me cannot afford to have a battery-dead phone.
  • Soon the fun started because we had a list of ‘Things to do’ too. Oh yes, there were selfies to be taken with the best feature of the car to spotting ducks and lady in pink umbrella, etc, etc.
  • The task to spot a buffalo was fun because we could only find cows. The yellow house was the most easy one to locate because every next house on our route was brightly painted in yellow. And there were so many that we failed to tweet because the network sucked.
  • The rear-view camera and rear parking sensor were definitely another great features of the car.
  • Initially I was hesitant about driving in the rains and since two of my team mates Rekha and Pradosh were doing it well, I was enjoying the awesome ride but they ensured I played my part too. So you see why I love bloggers fraternity because they inspire and encourage both.
  • I promised I would drive after the lunch and I kept to it.


Boot space was enough to pack me in
Picnic time

The boot volume is 275 litres with all the seats intact!


When I drove the Lodgy

It looks bulky but it got those killing looks too


  • After lunch at Lalit I got behind the wheels after Rekha  drove for some distance
  • When I took the wheels in my hand, I actually got the real hang of the vehicle.
  • Since I am used to driving a hatchback, I was not sure I would be able to drive MPV but it came so smooth and easy to me that I did not want to step out of the driver’s shoes.
  • The car totally makes for long drives with family and friends.
  • There is lots of space to pack in sumptuous to last for long road trips.
  • Yes, as I drove I began to think of its much talked about feature, 1.5-litre diesel engine options.
  • Acceleration and pick up have lots to do with its two states- 110 PS and 85 PC version but as I drove to me as a driver I felt it was super fun to be behind the wheels where I really did not have make much effort.
  • The gear change was all so smooth and flawless though I muddled up with 1 and 3 almost three times. (My bad)
  • With less power, 85PS version offers better fuel efficiency but 110 PS can give a maximum mileage 19.98 Kmpl
  • Lodgy will definitely succeed in making its presence felt in the Multi Prupose Vehicle segment because the starting price of Rs 8.19 lakh  is definitely a great buy.
  • In the evening when we returned after the long drive, we were told that the party and fun was yet not over.
  • There was a bloggers panel of 5 inspiring speakers who told us about their love for writing, another set of bloggers chose to speak about their passion and inspired  us all.
  • Goa’s one of the best bands played for us and we enjoyed the night dancing away to the lovely beats.
  • A very talented blogger Neha added to the fun of the night by belting out beautiful numbers.
  • I got talking with other bloggers because I had not had a chance for conversations yet, this was the ‘Right time’!
  • I met almost 10 new faces and it was interesting to hear their blogging stories.
  • Overall a superb day it was!


Overall, LODGY makes an interesting name (inspired by lodge- a place to stay because its got enough room to accommodate everyone ) and LODGYCAL drive came to me more than a word because it inspires to live our passion, dreams, leisure, fun, family, friends, weekend, vacation, road trip, driving, all good things that inspire us and make us happy in life in  true sense.


Thank you Sammya and Deepak ji for the lovely clicks!






Day 3

  • Lazy breakfast and ganging up of the bloggers at the table.
  • Never ending conversations over platefuls of fruits and cardamom coffee.
  • Next, we walked to the Cavelossim beach. On all the three days, I had been lucky enough to spare some time to be at the beach
  • Lots and lots of selfies and groupies in the scenic beauty.
  • It was time to get packing.
  • By 12, we are all done with the check outs.
  • With an hour in hand, I went around exploring the whole of Leela and clicking pictures.
  • I was lost in the natural beauty of my surroundings and an hour vanished soon.
  • Its time to say goodbyes and head to the Airport.
  • With the Mumbai bloggers already off, it was time for us to move too. We do our  last bit of hugs, selfies, hand-shakes, chit-chats before taking our seats in the bus
  • The Goa fun was over but yet not over because 40 stories were yet to be published in the blogs.



Bloggers fun!

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No doubt, Blogadda and bloggers have kept the #Livelodygal fun alive on twitter!

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India.

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