The mere mention of GOA in INDIA is enough to trigger anyone into BIG vacation plans.  Its one of the most chilled out place to party, re-unite, romance, relax, eat, introspect, hangout, take-a-break or get married. The locals say Goa gets into your soul. The beautiful beaches, delicious food and its warm people are vibrant, alive, laid-back and welcoming. My personal favorite is the Indo-Portuguese cultural blend about and around Goa. You can’t live the Goan experience without noticing the Portuguese touch in everything – architecture, roads, food, culture and the air.

Goa coastline, From the flight, Goa from the sky
Goa coastline
Goa, Goa tourism, Grand Mercure Shrem Goa Resort, Goan beauty
Goan beauty

Last weekend I had a chance to visit GOA again in the ‘magical monsoon’ season. Yes, in the last two months I have visited this tourist paradise for three times in a row. As a travel blogger, I have loved all the trips and would call myself blessed to have been a part of all exciting activities in the most amazing part of India. But more than that I would say that’s what my #bloggerslife is all about- Traveling, Exploring, Living  and Sharing my beautiful experiences with my readers. Gladly I am here to share a piece around my visit last weekend when Goa was as beautiful as always.

Hotel Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort, Resort, Goa
Hotel Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort in the rainy night

Here are the 10 highs about the ‘Bloggers Meet at Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort’. No doubt, it was a grand experience and I am back with truckloads of lovely memories.

  • Chy-take a break  + Festa restaurant +Junho Bar together at the Grand Mercure made a Foodie’s delight. We just couldn’t stop eating. There was so much pampering all around and I can’t thank the chefs enough for tantalizing us with delicious starters, magical drinks and finger-licking main course. 




  • It was both refreshing and healthy to do the Yoga session with Suresh Kumar, a yoga instructor from south India working with the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs (DSYA). I enjoyed the one hour session thoroughly and  returned back inspired to adopt yoga on a regular basis.



  • The Boat Cruise on Chapora River was a thrilling experience. No less, the walk to the small island in between the Goan waters was absolute adventure and fun for me. I felt proud about overcoming at least some bit of my fear of water. The team from Lost Paradise made it a beautiful experience. Thank you Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort for planning it for us.



This picture captures the essence of Goa
Goa is all about this and more! Picture clicked while I was on the Boat Cruise!



  • The Sunday lunch at La Brise made for an amazing ‘Beach n Dine’ Experience. This Novotel brand is a gorgeous beach bar lounge on the Candolim Beach. The exquisite cuisine here is impressive and it made me experience Goa in a super stylish way. Next time when you are in Goa, just don’t miss it. 






  • The fun never ends at Goan beaches. After the lunch I loved my walk on the sandy Candolim Beach. Its a beautiful experience to see the waves rise high and low.  Above all, I love to stand and stare and be at leisure on the beach. One can spend hours doing nothing here and that gives me the biggest high.





  • The Balinese Spa setup at the Grand Mercure Resort is full of greenery and is very  beautiful. It made me nostalgic of my Bali trip. Here, I got to chose and experience one of the most luxurious pampering spa. The relaxing massage that I opted for rejuvenated my senses absolutely. It was very well managed by the Warren and Tricomi team.


Warren and Tricomi Spa at Goa



  • When it rained on the Sunday evening and I sat around the swimming pool enjoying my Ice candies, I felt like a child again. My heart leaped with happiness when the raindrops touched my cheeks. In Goa, monsoons are nothing less than magical. Everything looked clean, washed and splendid in true colors of nature.



Grandeur of Goa
Just next to the Swimming Pool at Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort 



  • For the dinner, the chefs at Festa has setup an authentic Goan treat for us. The famous Saraswat Thali had these interesting components put together- Balchao naan, Fried Fish, Bebinca, Mangalorean dessert, Bhindi sol. Okra, Mungachi Bhaji, Masala Clams, Sol kadi, Kauchumber Salad, Batata Banasti, Prawns curry rice. Hungry kya?


Saraswat Thali in Goa
Saraswat Thali -Athentic Goan cuisine



  • I believe one can never enjoy a beautiful journey without a great company. We (Sid, Nivedita, Avni and Dennis ) just rocked together. It was a very intimate and friendly meet and I loved coming back with more friends in my list.




  • The personal connect about this place was overwhelming. From the halls to the restaurants to the rooms to the thinking area, I loved the Goan spirit that thrives in the premises of this resort. (Elaborate post will come on its architecture, Portuguese styles and hospitality)


I loved this warm gesture
Thank you for this warm gesture


Goa on a spatula, Goan Art
The spatula stand captures the beauty of Goa. In the same way this resort too is all about Goa and its vibrant airs. I loved each and every effort put behind in making Grand Mercure Shrem Resort unique in one and many ways!


Why Goa again and again?

With 120 km of coastline and 20+beaches, head to Goa with minimal packing of handful beach shorts, cool t-shirts, jumpsuits, 2 pairs of slippers ( 1 beach + 1 casual), one great book and a nice camera.  Everyday is about partying if you are in North Goa and to experience the peaceful side of you and the place,  do go for a lookout in South Goa. Don’t miss the Goan authentic food, beach experience, rains, local history  and the young music bands.  Rejuvenate, Rejoice, Go live a life!

Happy Traveling!!!

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