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4G isn’t a new term for me. Eight years back when I started my career in telecom industry, I worked on 2G (GSM) for 2 years. Next I handled 2.5G and 2.75G (GPRS and EDGE). In the following year, the lucky me got a chance to learn and work on the 3G technology and while we were still anxious around 3G, the term 4G (also called LTE) started kicking in the telecom industry. No doubt, it made all gasp with excitement and curiosity. ‘G’ here stands for generations and the growing numbers vouch for the advancements in technology.

4G means 4th Generation and it promises great speed for all our work on mobile phone that needs faster data transmission. Well, a couple of years back it dint matter how long it took to open a web page but when now when you use 4G, you realize its strength. Not that you can measure it literally but 4G means  four times faster speed than 3G.

Why will your smartphone love 4G?

We all love our fancy smartphones. Don’t we? So the best gift that you can give your phone is a 4G network to make it all smart, speedy and swanky. But to do that, your mobile phone must be 4G suitable. The device performance will enhance too because all that effort made to transmit data will become less tedious for the smartphone. Thus 4G is all about being updated and adopting the latest technology.

I want! I want!

I am genuinely glad that Airtel is the first network that has rolled out 4G in 296 cities. I really want it to rock and I have my reasons too.

  • I love surfing. And quick page uploading, downloading, faster streaming will definitely be great fun.
  • I am a blogger and I got to use my mobile handset beyond phone calls, messages and taking pictures. Thus faster network means an easy life for me.
  • I have used 4G in Europe and I must tell you its a treat to travel, blog, update social media when there is a strong 4G coverage all around.
  • With all those faster updates on social media, I would love to do more.
  • I hate those delays and the long pauses. Now Video Chatting, Downloading Movies and Podcasting will not be time taking at all.
  • Who doesn’t love to get entertained on-the-go. My generation loves it. With 4G, entertainment will become easier and listening to high quality music more enjoyable and fun.


Airtel is promising the Fastest Network ever, so lets just avail it. It isn’t complicated to have it too. One tweet #GetAirtel4G gets you a free home delivery of 4G SIM. Go for it. Try and let me know if it worked for you. I must say marketing team has come up with a great idea to reach out to their customers through twitter. Hope the services are as promising as they ‘read in words’.

Lastly, I wish for more power to telecom engineers who ensure it all goes fine in the network.  Being a RF engineer, I know the real picture behind.

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Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
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