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We thrive in the plush cities, we have the basic amenities and most of us  can decide for ourselves,  yet we crib about our versions of gender inequality that prevails.  But looking at the plight of women in the rural, I feel we are blessed.  There women are still struggling for the basic comforts, the smallest of things.

Oops, those days! I shouldn’t talk about it. Really? Well, I will.

Urban women can’t think of a day without the sanitary napkins during the menstruation. Its one thing that makes our life comfortable on those cramp-py days.  And we simply complain about our pain. Before I say more, read the stats below…

  • 88% women in rural India cannot afford sanitary napkins
  • 81% rural women resort to unsterilised cloth, sawdust, leaves
  • 30% girls in rural India have already dropped out of school after menstruation

Yes, the condition is unimaginable and pathetic but the truth is stark and stained.  I wonder how uncomfortable and shameful it would be for them. Thankfully we have females like Mrs. Bharati Idate, one who  has designed her own small manufacturing unit for the production of sanitary napkins. These affordable sanitary napkins are being called  “Care Taker”. These are coming very useful for the village ladies and they are loving the comfort over the unhygienic cloth.

Bhartiji’s project aims to provide Women Hygiene care for Women, made by Women, there by making women in these villages self reliant and also increasing the awareness of women hygiene, healthcare and well being.

This lady is a 12th grade pass out. She lives in a famine stricken village called Vita, in Sangli district of Maharashtra and has founded the Bharati Mahila Audyogik Sahakari Sanstha Limited. Now she wants to expand this business,  fulfill the demand and create awareness for every young girl in Vita and her neighboring villages in Maharashtra, also reach door to door to provide the females with sanitary napkins to easen their lives.


I wish every rural women and girl gets a sanitary napkin which is affordable and hygienic.

Lets support her dream, her endeavor –  “END THE RED STAIN”.

Link to the End The Red Stain video:
You can access Bharatiji’s crowdfunding campaign here:


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