Well if you live in Delhi I am sure you are aware that overflowing garbage, dump yards right in the middle of the colony, dirty public urinals and foul smells emanating from crowded markets is not a rare sight in the capital.  This condition will see no improvement until we decide to mend our ways and stop drawing sadistic pleasure by throwing the garbage in front of our neighbor’s gate.  Seriously it is a long journey before we learn to safely disposal the everyday wastes.

The refusal to work and strike that was conducted by MCD sanitation workers in East Delhi in second week of June painted the real picture of our people. So while our PM who has been going guns about ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan’ and our CM whom we believe is dedicated to do everything for the common man together chose to let Delhi people inhale stinky odors.  Guess what who came to our rescue?

A new product is home for review. Lets talk about in detail. Its one of the room fresher variety- Blossom and Breeze from Ambipur.  I must mention here I am a loyal customer to Ambipur and I often use their products for my car and my house. All its varieties have refreshing and delightful odors. Apart from linens and room,  I never forget to use the spray generously in the whole house when guests are due to visit us.  Its very simple to use, just press on the trigger and the nozzle releases flowery air that lingers for long.

One of our family friends live in East Delhi and we visited their house just when the noxious tussle around non-payment of the salaries of MCD workers was at its peak. The stench from some of the areas in East Delhi was such that it can make anyone shudder at the mention of foul odor. Of course, it all happened in a bad taste.

We were reading about it all in the newspaper but yet we could not skip going to their house because it was their marriage anniversary and they are very close to us. Although they were not celebrating it big, yet we thought it would make a great surprise for them. But the fear from foul smell lingered in my mind.

While Mum had already ordered a gift for them, I decided to give them the two bottles of Ambipur Air effects which Daddy had brought for our house. It was the best gift that I could think of for them and I neatly wrapped it in a shining paper. With out getting into other details I must tell you that they absolutely loved my innovative gifting idea (Ambipur bottles). Now, the reality is that they had been using a room fresher of another company for long but it was not able to mask away all the odors coming from outside. This was the real testing time. It had a very overpowering but strange kind of smell with its impact lasting only for few seconds.  Blossom & Breeze and New Zealand Springs which I took for them performed impressively. In no time it changed the atmosphere and the mood of the house for the  good.  We could experience the change from smelly to smiley.

I got this idea of gifting Ambipur last year from a friend. He had been living in Ber Sarai (part of Delhi where students prepare for several entrance examinations) for two months but last when he was vacating his room, he was gifted an Ambipur air effect from his landlord (elderly uncle) on the last day.  I really laughed out loud when he told me that the elderly uncle had advised him to use Ambipur on a regular basis in the new place where he was going to so that the new landlord does not ask him to vacate the house. I know my friend cooks very spicy food, loves eating fish and rest we know how bachelors live.

Some bad odors (Toilet stinks, cooking of fish, kitchen garbage box, deep frying, soggy clothes, medicines with strong stench ) that are generated inside the house are unavoidable and I am sure Ambipur will always come to our rescue from them.  But it actually does more favors to us by killing  bad odors from outside too and it will have to continue to do the good work until we thoroughly adopt ‘Clean and Green ways of living’ and learn to keep our environment stench-free.

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