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If you have been reading my blogs I am sure you would know that I possess and use both Asus Zenphone 5 and Zenphone 6. I attended the Asus Zen launch last year and have been using both these smartphones since then.  If I had to compare them with phones in a specific range and the  newer ones launched by Samsung, LG, and HTC, I would say I quite like both of them for different reasons. 13 Megapixel camera (Zenmaster) is my favorite about Zenphone 6 and most of the pictures used on this website have been shot from it. The pixelmaster captures colors amazingly well and I am a great fan of it. My life as a blogger requires me to click a lot of pictures around me and I love rolling the camera every now and then. Its not feasible to carry the DSLR everywhere but a smartphone comes very handy whether you are eating out, roaming around with friends or attending an event. Above all, social sharing of pictures can also be done very conveniently through smartphones. 

ZenFone 2 Deluxe

Asus, Smartphone photography, Zenphone 2



New ASUS smartphone 

Asus Deluxe  with  the Zenpower pack (battery bank) was sent home for review and here is my account of using both of them. A new phone means many things from an user’s eye view and I would love to talk about it all- looks, feel, touch, themes, battery performance,  charging, camera, accessories, overall experience and the additional offerings. 

As I un-boxed it, the first thing that got my instant attention is its new back look with multi-faceted texture with uncountable polygons. I have always missed the metal finish about Asus but this one looked appealing. In illusion white, the crystals and the cuts looked amazing. It looked like a new accessory in my jewelry box. The grip felt easier and comfortable and the phone felt lighter to me. I was all excited to explore the new and powerful. 

ZenFone 2 Deluxe is home!

5.5. inch smartphone, Asus, Zenphone 2 Deluxe
5.5 inch is the size of the new ZenPhone Deluxe 2


Asus Zenphone 2, Asus Deluxe, White
The crystals and the cuts lend an amazing look to this one in Illusion White color.




Soon I was on my job, reading the specifications and navigating the touchscreen to check out for more. Some of the noticeable attributes are as below:


  • Built-in 4G/LTE— This was much needed. Both Zenphone 5 and 6 have been lagging on this.
  • Dual sim mode has always been there in Asus phones but Android 5.0 Lollipop is a nice experience.
  • Since I use a 13 Megapixel camera already, I was excited about the 5MP front-facing camera with PixelMaster technology.
  • The power button is on the top felt more convenient to me.
  • To unlock one does not need to slide left to right but a slight slide from’top to bottom’
  • 72% screen-to-body ratio makes for a large screen. I like everything bit and better on my phone.
  • This new one is powered by Intel Atom Z3580 processor which is dual core hyper threaded part standing strong with 4GB RAM.
  • There are nice themes and I was quick to use the pink one for myself.
  • Grouping of Applications is a great idea. So you can see in the picture below, all the procutivity applications are present in one bundle. This way there is Apps4U, Tools, Personalization etc.




72% screen-to-body ratio


Pink Theme, Asus Deluxe



Amritsar Road trip using the Asus Deluxe 

Last weekend I did a road trip to Amritsar and that was a perfect time to experiment with the new phone. I wanted to check if it really captured warm skin tones and accurate colors as claimed in the reviews of the phone. As a lifestyle blogger, I can’t let go the habit of clicking pictures from all angles and at all times of the day. Its hard to let anything escape the eye and I love bringing back the memories. This time I had a new phone and I explored all its modes and options in the day and night. Selfie is not my cup of tea and thus rear camera matters the most to me. All these pictures below have been taken from the 13 megapixel camera of the Zenphone deluxe.

I felt the touch focus and the face detection is definitely better with this one.  I must mention that all these pictures are unfiltered and  unedited. I was quite satisfied with the captures taken in the day. Even the night photography done at the Golden Temple is impressive. My friends were using different phone and at the end of the day when we compared the pictures, I had the best pictures of the Gurudwara and more.



10 Pictures from the Amritsar Trip that have been randomly captured by ZenFone 2 Deluxe

Asus Smartphone photography, Review, Amritsar, Travel blogger
When it rained on the way. The picture has been taken from the inside of a moving car. The leaves and the rain drops look beautiful on the NH1 highway.



Hyaat Hotel, Amritsar, Road Trip, Travel blogger
When the sky was all grey, I captured the Hyatt Hotel from a distance.



Amritsar, Local market
In the afternoon, the local market are buzzed with energy. Every minute detail of the buildings and the color tone of people has been captured well.



Wagah Border, Amritsar, Sunset, Travel on the road
At around 5:30 in the evening, when the sunset was close we reached the Wagah Border



Gandhi Gate
At eight in the night, this picture was captured at Gandhi Gate, Amritsar



Amritsar, Golden temple
Golden temple looked resplendent and amazingly beautiful. Gladly the phone captured the colors and the ripples in the water really well.


Amritsar, Golden Temple, Asus Zenphone Deluxe
A closer click is no less beautiful




Kesar da dhaba, Dal, Laccha Parantha, Phone review
After the darshan we went and ate really well at the famous Kesar da Dhaba. Every plate, bowl, roti, dal and vegetable has been captured in its true colors.




Lovely colors of the puppets in the night mode
Lovely colors of the puppets in the night mode




The guy who was running the puppet show
The guy who was running the puppet show. This was captured in the night amidst lots of bulbs and florescent lights.




Back from the trip, I really had some great pictures in my kitty. The phone is available here
As far as the power bank is considered, I tested it with my new Moto E smartphone.

The power bank is very light weight and it charges super fast. And with 10050 mAh, it seems it never goes dry. In the offered price range this one seems to be a good option if you are planning to buy one.



Asus Power bank




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