Anyone Wild-life Crazy? This one is just for you!

In one sentence: ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ not only excites us with gorgeous pictures, educates us on wildlife but also inspires us to save them too.

I have visited several National Parks and bird sanctuaries in India, snow and pine forests in Europe, rain forest and elephant camps in Thailand, Bird park in Malaysia yet I hardly know much about birds and animals. An elephant for me is an elephant irrespective of its origin in Asia or Africa and distinguishing features. (My bad) Honestly, I never worked hard trying to get into the scientific details because even today its mammoth figure is enough to thrill the child in me.  Ask me to get closer,  I will refuse because I am scared.   😉

As a child, I loved visiting the Lucknow zoo in the city where I lived for thirteen years. That was the age when I learnt to identify the animals and birds with their shapes, features and actions. The sight of zebra and giraffe delighted me and my next favorite were deer and the chimpanzees. To spot a lion was always a celebrated affair because the king of the jungle preferred to stay aloof from the cheering crowd.  I have always been fond of house sparrow and colorful birds are delightful . As I grew up, I traveled more and got to see innumerable species of God’s creations.  Gladly, I can say I have seen them but looking at the count of endangered species, we really can’t say if the coming generations would even get a chance to know them beyond books.

To save the endangered, everyone has to do their bit!

The environmentalists, wildlife lovers are making their best efforts to save the diminishing counts. The government is doing their bit but nature lovers and wild-life photographers are also doing a wonderful job by capturing the lovely moments of these animals, putting them in a book and enticing people to fall in love with them because as the foreword of the book says, until you like them, you will not protect them and to like them, you must see them. 

Recently, I was sent a soft copy of the above book. It was a treat to the eyes to go through Ashok Mahindra’s book – ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’.

Why it makes a beautiful book?

  • It makes us see deep into the magical Indian forests, taking us all over India
  • It inspires to love and protect wild-life
  • It makes us fall in love with digital photography
  • Camera and the photographer together have captured the most natural moments of the animals in here
  • Jungle Beauty is gorgeously presented
  • It draws our attention to the deteriorating balance of the ecological system
  • One gets to see Machli, the famous tigress of Ranthambore
  • The birds are in flight, the Malabar gliding frog is mating , the tiger is taking a dip in the waters, the female elephant is leading the group, the squirrel is gorging on the figs, Snake bird is holding a fish in its beak, lion-tailed macaque is looking right in your eyes, a marsh crocodile is trying to reach the waters desperately running on the land and much more is all there in the book
  • Each photograph has a beautiful tale to tell
  • There are lovely jungles staring us back through the photographs
  • Techniques of photography and the equipment  details are shared with readers
  • Interesting places to stay and enhance your love for wildlife is also put in to attract the travel enthusiasts

In this coffee-table book, every reader will find more than one favorite capture. Its hard to stick with one. To capture the best shots and most natural expressions of the wild life, the author has waited hours at one place before he settled for the chosen one. The author indeed had to travel far and wide places to showcase the best in here.

120 amazing captures showcasing the enigmatic wildlife of India is the USP of the book, thus I will not prefer to share the large images. A lot of patience and endurance has been put in by the Author-cum-photographer for every capture and thus to live the exclusive experience, you must find your own copy.

It is not just a book but an endeavor to encourage people to protect the endangered species.

Do you love shooting wild-life too, tell your story? Of course I meant digitally…

This post is a part of the book review program of at Saevus Wildlife India in association with The Hemchand Mahindra Foundation for the book Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” 

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