How many times have you relished eating from more than one kitchen?

This reminds me of picnic days straightaway where every family brought one special eatable and we all shared and ate together. In  routine, not everyday we get a chance to eat from too many kitchens at one time. Sharing lunch boxes at school, college, workplaces, etc., does bring back some memories but those are rare days when everyone in the gang brings a delicacy.

Honestly, I love food and when there is variety, nothing like it.  It gets monotonous to eat from one place or one type.  When we eat in a group, its so much fun. Let me explain why. Who doesn’t enjoy grabbing spoonfuls of vegetable biryani from one friend’s box and ‘aloo ki sabzi’ and Parantha from other? While I may be eating my favorite food, still there are times when I want that one bite of the chicken-curry from the office canteen too because when it comes to food, we Indians just love to lots of different kind of food.

Today, lets talk about an interesting setup that is a market place for home chefs, amateur chefs and professional chefs.


I love eating in my house at my own comfort and thus I am quite fond of home delivery system. I am waiting for that day when it wouldn’t be tough to order the specialties of Chandni Chowk and relish in Faridabad. (Dreaming now)

Recently BITECLUB invited me to use their website or app and order food on their menu. The idea looked tempting to me and I was all set for this tasting and review.


It is a Gurgaon-based food ordering startup.  They are a platform where different chefs are connected to foodies.  Each day promises few changes in menu. Once you open the website,  choose your area as per the timings and day of the week, it shows all available options. The food is not very pricey too. Along with the food, one gets to see the details about the chef as well.

What I ordered?

It was a Wednesday and I chose the below from the dinner menu!

  • Rajma With Jeera Rice And Masala Chaach
  • Veg Makhanwala With Tawa Parathas
  • Sweet Paniyarams And Savoury Paniyaram With Sambhar And Coconut Chutney
  • Mutton Dum Biryani

I got the food delivered at my husband’s office in DLF Cybercity and in one hour the food packet reached me at home. It was easily palatable. Nothing had leaked and everything was intact. I had ordered Punjabi to South Indian to check for taste and variety. Each box carried the name of the food as well its chef.  The idea looked very appetizing to me that the four boxes had been cooked in four different kitchens by different people (chefs).

Overall, I would say the food experience was good. My mum-in-law and my hubby both enjoyed the variety.  It gave me a feeling like home-made. Nothing was greasy and oily. For me, biryani and the Idlis rocked. The little, cute Paniyarams were enjoyed by us all.  Rajma-chawal was nice (could have been better) and the vegetable of Makhan wala was okay, not very great. Paranthas were soft and yummy. Chach was the winner.

But one cannot judge this on just four food items. It has much to offer and people in Gurgaon are always on a lookout for something new and handy. Canteen food bores everyone and the food at PG’s sucks. This can be a great idea to tap the crowd who is looking for less costly, less greasy food.

After I had tasted the meal, I was curious to know more about BITECLUB and their platform and thus I got them answer a few questions for me too. Startups are the future of our country!!!

1>How do you connect with chefs? 
Right now, most of the chefs reach out to us directly.
2> How does Bite club work? 
Bite Club is basically a market place for chefs. Chefs just cook and we take care of everything else(packaging, marketing, logistics, demand). Packaging is done at the chef’s place, we send the packaging though.
3> Do you have a criteria for selecting chefs? Can anyone ( a housewife, food blogger) who cooks a special dish be a part of it?
Yes, we have do have that. So, while bringing a chef on board, we check what kind of cuisine the chef makes, production capacity to name a few. Yes, anyone can join us, if he/she fulfills the criteria.
4> How do you check on the food quality?
We have an in house quality control team, which checks. Also, we have a set of guidelines for all the chefs for the same
5> How has been the response so far?
The response so far has been pretty good, we started in November and as of now we are doing approx 700 deliveries in a day.

So the crux is that its not just me but we all love to hog on unlimited and interesting food. Also we all have an understanding that junk cannot be eaten everyday and it is home-made food that our tummy loves and relishes more. Thus,  BITECLUB seems like a great idea to put all kinds of chefs together to give us a taste of both, hotel and home-cooked food.

Why not we get our mums, wives, friends on board if they cook amazing and are interested in tantalizing many taste buds. 

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