#GreatDad video

I replayed the above video a couple of times till it compelled me to blog about it.The video shows a father reflecting on the question if he really plays a great Dad, while he puts up his responsibilities towards his son. I quite liked the emotional appeal and human connect about the video. It instantly made me think about my relationship with my father and how he has been a great Dad forever. He is the strongest wall on which I can lean anytime.

To be a great father, there isn’t a guide but yes every man definitely want nothing less but the best for their kids. What makes them great is making every possible attempt  to redefine the meaning of fatherhood each and every day. No doubt, we owe so much to these handsome men of our life. They discipline us, love us, lead us, teach us, befriend us, protect us, support us and much more think about our future too . From wiping the poopie butt, running nose to phlegmatic spit-outs in infancy to reading out story-books, satiating queries of my curious mind in childhood to keeping track of doctors, teachers, friends for my overall development in the teenage to standing by my side in all decisions of my life in adulthood, my Dad has done it all for me.

We take our parents for granted and except a few rare occasions we really don’t tell them how much we love them. Even though we may try to prove through our actions and gestures, I have realized that its magical to convey through words.  While I recently wrote a letter to my Mum, its time to dedicate this blog post to Daddy dearest.

My father amazes me for his unselfishness, kindness, friendship, love and for nurturing a beautiful relationship with Mum and I and thus I wanna tell my handsome Dad that he is my favorite man and he makes a great father for…

  • Pampering me to the fullest
  • Being a friend, confidante to me and my friends too as some of them would be too scared to talk to their Dads
  • Reading out wonderful books to me since childhood and being preachy even today
  • Sitting by my side during my preparations for examinations and easing my stress
  • Protecting me from falling but eventually letting me stand on my own
  • Dedicating time for playing board games, video games and outdoor games with me
  • Giving me my space and letting me talk about everything and anything under the sun
  • Standing by my decisions and helping me to be independent decision make
  • Learning to drive, despite being road-phobic to pick me up, drop me off anytime
  • Supporting me to pursue my mindless and crazy dreams
  • Teaching me humility and compassion
  • Celebrating and praising me for my victories but never scolding me for my failures
  • Finding solutions to my frightening problems
  • Accepting my husband as his most favorite son
  • Inspiring me to write and reading my blog regularly
  • Thinking about my future always, planning out savings and doing the best possible to dreaming a beautiful life for me always.

Even if I jot down a hundred points, they would stand small to the magnanimity of my father’s parenting. He makes a #GreatDad.

Dad, forever you will be my knight in shining armor!

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Manjulika Pramod

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