There was a time when there were no smartphones and we all would take our entertainment doze from the loved-yet-rebuked ‘Idiot box’ of the house. But now there is hardly any time to surf channels. I am more of a social media enthusiast but less of a television buff now. Who has the time? Not just me, even my friends say that their on-the-go schedule hardly leaves them with much time to watch television.  In today’s time with 3G and 4G technology, we prefer to devote our maximum time to social networking sites. Our smartphone keeps us connected and conveniently helps us to pocket all the entertainment options.

Honestly, I used to miss television fun until I learnt about nexGTv. With the increased number of channels and improved level of programs and shows, there is lots of entertainment happening round the clock. With the advancements in technology, a number of live events like sports are also at our disposal. When I started working, I was not able to watch my favorite movies because they would run on television only during the day when I would be busy. It was not just Murphy’s Law but the fact that our generation is busy and always short on time.

These days in the Delhi Metro I see almost everyone tuned into their handsets. There are a few like me who read books too. After music and books, I can see more and more people watching their favorite channels on their mobile phones. I had learnt about it first when I had visited Europe. Many Indian families watched their favorite channels using mobile applications. I was not sure if it would work in India. Now, I am convinced that it does because I am using nexGTv.

Lets go crazy, the TV way! 

When I told my Mum about it, she did not let me rest until I had downloaded it for her. An innovative way to keep oneself entertained is one tap away. If you too love to be updated with the television happenings and the progress of your serials, it is time to download this app on your phone. This sense of innovation is yet another interesting gift to the tech-geeks of our generation. Different applications offer different channel packages. When it comes to nexGTv, it has everything on one platform. Trending videos, breaking news, serials, movies, songs, funny videos, free download, everything is right there. It quite lives up to its claim of being a ‘Premium Entertainment destination’.

Such applications win hearts only when they give great user experience and best content.

When I learnt about nexGTv I was not convinced about downloading it until I had collected some promising information about it. As I read around, I learnt that it was not tough to stream TV shows to my Android phone at all. When I used it, I had an amazing personal experience. The videos stream fast and the clarity is appreciable. Lot of free stuff around! Overall, I am happy because I can use my travelling time for watching television and pursue my hobbies in my free time.

Let’s check what all I learnt about nexGTv:

  • One of the ‘Top 10 Entertainment applications’ in App Store
  • At the World Communication Awards 2014, nexGTv has won ‘The Best Digital Experience’ award too
  • It is free to download and available through mobile network operator services as well
  • 80+ FREE Live TV channels, Movies and TV Shows
  • Its service is not just restricted to phone and tablets but one can watch 150+ Live channels on laptops and PCs too
  • One does not need to shell out a lot of cash to watch TV on one’s phone

In fact, one can download the application by feeding mobile number and getting the link to the application. I did the same. Next time when you are missing your favorite television, you know what to do!

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