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This post is dedicated to International Day of Happiness

HAPPINESS is ABC of life! It is an addictive, beautiful and charming word.  Who doesn’t want to be happy? Rather we do it all in life to let not this emotion distance from us.  What is Happiness? It may seem just a simple word but as I write I feel it cannot be defined in a single word. Easily said than achieved, it is an experience of the mind and the heart. Possibly it is a series of joyful feelings. From the innocent gesture on a child’s face to a radiant bright smile on an elderly’s face , happiness has so much about it. Wow!! Wish I could grab it always!!!

Happiness– I want to delve deep into its enigma. I look around and try to decipher the mantra. And with my little knowledge, I conclude that happiness is about feeling positive, healthy, loving, satisfied and wanted. Happiness can have different forms for different people because we love and thrive on different things. Also as read in the books, I would say the state of contentment, well being,  good fortune, peacefulness, closeness to family, philanthropy and God leads us to the doors of happiness. If you have more to add, please feel free to comment.

 I may say #IamHappy but it isn’t convincing until it reflects in my eyes, in my demeanor, in my actions. A happy person feels it within.

Here’s my list of simple things that make me happy… On the days when I will feel low from now onward or whenever I am sad I will read the below to pep me up… Adding to this I would also say we go around looking for happiness in costly, materialistic things while it lies in simple things that don’t come at a great price.

This is in no particular order…

  • When it rains, the petichor makes me happy. This has been my favorite one always.
  • A new flower in the garden would absolutely cheer me as a child
  • Now first thing in the morning, A warm hug, a cheerful good-morning or simply a smile from my parents or my husband. Being loved and wanted springs me to a happy state of mind instantly.
  • A peaceful start to the day,   I am not stressed, I have nothing to annoy me at the back of my mind.
  • Waking up healthy is absolutely happiness, I say this because I often fall ill and physical turmoils often take away the charm of the day.
  • Happiness is food for me – A breakfast- as simple as a freshly prepared Green-pea poha  or eating my favorite food- home cooked and restaurants both
  • Books, Books and Books- I want them on my platter everyday
  • Reading my favorite books without being disturbed
  • Blogging that’s about expressing myself. A new blog-post everyday makes me immensely happy
  • Traveling is my new crush, exploring little things about people, life that I would never have known if I did not travel.
  • Painting, making art, creating something new makes me happy
  • Appreciation for my good work makes me happy indeed.
  • Making my parents happy and proud
  • Cooking and caring for my hubby
  • I love attention and lots of pamper and when it comes from family, friends and strangers-nothing like it
  • Meeting over with friends, eating, drinking and reminiscing our forgotten stories.
  • Going out shopping with Mum especially when its discount season
  • Playing with lil ones….when my niece, Ayaana hugs and kisses me, its close to bliss.
  • Decorating my house
  • Following my passion and living with no pressure on my mind
  • Being able to do what I want to do!
  • I feel happy when everyone around me is happy.


The list will keep growing with age… Whats one word that comes in your mind when you think about happiness, do comment below.

Written by

Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
Traveler, short-story writer, voracious reader, foodie is the better me!
Reading, eating, traveling, exploring, observing and blogging are the beautiful highs of my life.