Umbrella Making Center in Chiang Mai

If you have been reading my Thailand stories, you must be aware that its only been a fortnight that I have come back from a fun trip to Chiang Mai and Bangkok. And yes I have been talking about Chiang Mai for many reasons. This quaint, serene and relaxed destination really impressed for many things.

I love places which boast of rich culture and heritage. Chiang Mai has lots to offer on art culture. The most cherished are its globally famous Thai hand-made umbrellas. They are colorful, vibrant and artistic umbrellas made of bamboo and sa wood. At the Umbrella Making Center in Chiang Mai, our team spent two hours understanding the intricacies of its making and appreciating its beauty. Its tough not to drool over these beautiful hand crafted pieces.  But more than their look they have a unique story about them. The original art hails from a neighboring country but the secret of its making has been kept intact in Chiang Mai for long now.

If I have got you curious enough, do read the Thai umbrella making history and story with my debut article on Huffington Post.  I love this site and I am super excited to be published here.

Photoblog: Unfurling The Umbrellas Of Chiang Mai

The Colorful Unfurls

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