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Hi, from Dubai

I thought I would write a travel post first but suddenly I see myself writing around the new movie- In the heart of the sea. It is a best selling book too by Nathaniel Philbrick.

The last 8 days in Dubai have been super fun. I have explored Bur Dubai and the older neighborhood (Dubai Musuem, Meena Bazar,Creek, Souqs, Al-Bastakia) intentionally keeping away from the touristy destinations. Since I am maintaining a diary entry of each day, let me be very specific about the day. I am really glad to say that I got to see the premiere of the movie on the 6th day of my trip here. My friends from ‘AND events’ called me and invited me over for a premiere screening of a movie. Yes, they had passes and I was more than happy to meet them, tag along with them without even asking what movie we were going for.


When we reached VOX cinemas at Mall of the Emirates, I was handed over the invite and then I realized we were there for the delayed and the awaited one- In the Heart of the Sea, Ron Howard-directed with Chris Hemsworth in the lead.  This was the movie that was going to talk about the real story of the doomed whaling ship-Essex that inspired Herman Melville’s 1851 novel Moby-Dick. So immediately I had expectations from Warner Brothers, cast and the whale story from the land of Nantucket, Massachusetts. With the nachos and the Popcorn, we settled on our seats, wore the 3D glasses and looked right up to the screen to picture one of the worst maritime disaster of its time.


In the heart of the sea ticket, premiere screening, dubai, vox cinemas, warner brothers
In the heart of the sea ticket


In the Heart of the Sea

The movie begins with Herman Melville landing up at the house of the Tom Nickerson. Mr. Melville is eager to listen and write about the story of the whaling ship ‘Essex’.  The cabin boy of the ship that was met by unlucky fate knows it all. Mr. Nickerson who was 14 then and the youngest on the ship, hasn’t told it to anyone. His wife insists he must do it now because they need money. And soon we are taken in for a flashback ride. You must know that here we are in the century when drilling oil from the land was not even heard of. The famous village of the Nantucket was the whaling capital of the world and humans were hunting down the biggest mammals to obtain oil. 



The whale ship Essex meets a TRAGIC end

1819 was the year when ESSEX sailed with 21 people on board.
The captain, George Pollard Jr. gets the job because he belongs to the sea family who has always done it but he isn’t deserving. He reckless decisions show his insecurity and inexperience. 
The first mate Owen Chase knows his work well, should have been the captain but is not given the promotion. He leaves a pregnant wife behind promising her to be back for sure. 
The sea isn’t calm and composed for long  and acts up unpredictable rather harsh soon.
 The captain and the first mate have tensions and we know that soon. Chris Hemsworth pulls off his character really well. 
The  ESSEX  keeps moving in the sea further  whale oil is on the mind of everyone. 
Tom Nickerson, the cabin boy who is telling the story is still getting cured of his sea sickness. He doesn’t know this is going to be the most unforgettable sail of his life.
They get their first whale soon enough. But there is a lust and the need for more oil and they had a target too which had not been met yet.
Soon, off the coast of South America, far away in the heart of the ocean, hundreds of white whales are spotted. 
But there is a WHITE WHALE, one with a bull head. It is really MAMMOTH, you see it and you know it.
And the whale is attacked, it gets irked, or maybe it identifies the intentions of the men. Though, whales were supposed to be non-attackers, this one does the unfathomable- just crumbles the ship forever. 
The whale attacks the ESSEX and the ship collapse rendering the crew helpless. (It reminded me of the TITANIC debacle though they are entirely different tragedies. ) 
Once the ship meets its unexpected but its irreversible fate, then follows a harrowing battle of survival for the crew. 
With no food and water, there are days of starvation to look forward to. It really hits you HARD… its frightening… but it doesn’t end soon… the whale attacks again soon…
The men find no land and food for days together!
After 45 days, they are pushed to the Henderson Island where they find no food except eggs of birds. But soon they realize, no one is coming their to save them. With only bones and skin left on their body, they restart the journey yet again.
90 Days, yet no land—Its a heart rendering story where you see men helpless, crippled, dead on the sea.
By this time, I was really-really praying to have mercy on the men who could survive.
To know what happens, do go and WATCH THE MOVIE. 
It is adventurous, thrilling and one that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

After thought and the WHALE..


 The eye of the Sperm Whale is still on my mind.
The sea was overwhelming and the demon whale was frightening and scary to me. 
I really wished for the sailors to return to their families.
How terrible is the stage of dying due to starvation, you end up eating just anything.
Cannibalism came as a shock to me  but to survive, they had to do eat the flesh of the dead…
Greed of men has always been there….it has a long history. 
Why mess with nature? It does take its revenge.
Why were they killing whales? Did they know our generation would only know them as endangered species later?

One of the biggest maritime disaster-Essex really has a tragic story but its worth to know all about it.

In 3D, the movie is a must see. I was hooked till the end.




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