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No one knows where MAFIA goes!! If you are a fan of the famous 1972 American crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, ‘The Godfather’, you just can’t ignore this place in Punjabi Bagh.  This is a must-do place to discover the Mafia side of you. For greater fun, you can plan a party to gang up with your friends and family. The dark and blue theme of the first floor of the place lends it the look of a den of a gangster. To add to the fun, the dialogues from the movie are painted quite artistically on the walls. No less, there is a personal dining space too that’s called THE GODFATHER room.



MAFIA, Restaurant, Delhi


The year 2015 was about ‘Themed restaurants’ and the capital has definitely taken a craze for it. The latest one that I would love to mention about is MAFIA. Initially this place was known as PASHA and it was quite a famous one in Punjabi Bagh. But now it has undergone a change and the new look is named –MAFIA. The most interesting part is that the whole place was completely redesigned in flat 20 days. There are three floors to it and each one is designed uniquely and differently. It has a youthful charm to it.





From the classy entrance to the selfies points to the refreshing terrace in pink and grey, the food will not be the first thing that you will notice about the place. The first floor has a blue setting, Terrace is the best part of this lounge. The Moroccan theme is a beautiful setting. Its a covered setup and thus it makes a great place for the winter afternoons. On the way to the terrace,  there is a a selfie wall with graffiti on the walls.





I was invited for the Food / Restaurant review here but my views are not biased. I quite liked the look of it. The THEME is very interesting. The food was definitely nice but the mock-tails were not up to the mark.





The Menu definitely got my eye. There were interesting dishes on the menu-  Nanzza, Johny Bandana, Bite the Bullet, The Old Man, The Professor, ‘Sin City’, ‘Lady Killer’, ‘Big Billy’, ‘The Godfather’.Sin City, Dal Mafia, Paneer Mafia, Jackie the Lackie, Two Guns, Big Daddy, The Godfather, Shot me Down, John Vella etc.  The ‘Mafia specialties’ are worth trying.



food, Mafia, pasta,

Both red and white pasta were super yum!


Garlic Bread


Garlic bread with the Pasta was a great combination. The Garlic bread was crunchy and delighting.



quesadilla , Mafia, Delhi


Quesadilla-Just like the ambiance, this was colorful, lively and yummy!


MAFIA, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi


When these veggies-filled quesadilla were served on the wooden bench, they looked all the more tempting. 




Mafia Food, Paneer, Green Chutney



Nachos were chunky and very interesting. The salsa that came with it was amazing. The food presentation deserves a mention for sure.



Soya chaap, Onions, Green Chutney



The soya chaap served with the green chutney and onions was average.






After interesting appetizers, the Biryani that came on our table was served in a jar as above. It was delicious. Since we had already stuffed ourselves with enough snacks, I could only taste this one from the main course.






After tasting the foodie delights, we decided to walk around to the higher floors. The Godfather room on the second floor is a personal space for a small gathering where you can actually hatch a plot with your gang.






The designs and the comfy setting is sure to get your eye. The moment we reached here, each one of us pulled out our cameras and started clicking around. The wall paintings are impressive.







I love trying out new places and this one is a cool place in Delhi. Probably this is the last restaurant review of  2015.  Do try it out and let me know whats your feedback about it. In my view, it is a place that will attract young crowd. Our parents may not like it if they are not fond of the Hookah, loud music and the dark setup.



Bloggers meet at MAFIA



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