The beautiful video above struck a chord with me instantly. I wish to time travel in age and be pampered by my parents all over again. I felt nostalgic because its so close to my story when my parents would try and do their best to arrange my favorite toy or book on my birthday. I was one of the kids (call me a naughty one) who didnot settle for anything less than what caught my fascination. I remember asking for a doctor set and my father almost checked with 50 shops before he got me the most lavish set available in the market.  That time they did not even have the comforts of mobile phones and the lovely applications installed on them to make their life easy. 


Your Wish, My Command

…… say Madam! What do you want?


In today’s time I wish I owned a robot which iterated and implemented the above statement as often as my heart lusted for the unreachable. Well, I am sure everyone reading this would want one for themselves too. My imagination gets its feed from the beautiful books that I grew up reading like Alladin and his Lamp , Santa Claus- the Magical, etc. and I still believe that behaving as a ‘good child’  round the year definitely impresses Santa and he gives us what we ask for. For most of us, its our parents, siblings, friends and partners who play this role at different stages of our life and shower us with pampers and love but what if there was something as small as a mobile phone which stayed intact in our purse  and danced to our tunes? Who wouldn’t want to pocket a genie which made all wishes possible?


The idea itself looks so enticing. Imagine you had a date and you wanted to don something exclusive for the day. The busy schedule left you with no time for shopping but you had a magical genie phone which could show you amazing options at one platform and help you chose the best dress. More,  if you wanted to read a book but it was not available in your city. Disappointed? Aey! No more worries, you can now get it delivered at your home. You are a tech-geek,  gizmo-freak and love owning all on the launch day itself. Well, my friend you really can’t do without the genie.


Since childhood, I have always loved decorating my house with the best of artefacts and paintings. Whenever my mother bought a new bed sheet, I would urge her to spread it on the bed next day itself because I wanted to be the first one to sleep on it. From local to global, my eyes have a fondness for colors, art, hand-work and lovely creations. I have always wanted to own the gorgeous lampshades, the decorative wallspapers, cuckoo clocks, simmering curtains and lovely bedspreads for my house. To set up a home decor isn’t a one day affair and at the same time its not possible to go shopping every other day. One needs to sit down, chose, analyse and select patiently from a wide selection. For so much work I demand a genie! For all such beautiful wishes like mine and others, Flipkart is here to take our commands and perform as required.

 Its time for #EveryWishFulfilled

Every wish has a name on the portal and Flipkart app is the Genie. Precisely as I had desired, it resides in my purse. Happiness and joy is just a click away on our mobile phone. You want the dress, you can have it. I want my book and the bedsheets, I can have it. My friends wants the gizmos, they can pre-book it. Doesn’t it all sound magical, story from the far far land where lives a princess and there came a prince who swept her off in his love. The techy generation that we belong to can do without a boyfriend and girlfriend but not without the  mobile phones and the apps. Thus, I say we all need a genie who doesn’t take a rest and brings us the best anywhere, anytime.

 What say? Which is your favorite application?

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Manjulika Pramod

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