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Old ways – New Ways!!!

My caption says it all and then the video emphasizes on it further…



The other day my Dad called me up and said, ‘ He is loving his new smartphone’. He has configured his personal as well as official mail on the gadget and enjoys updating his Facebook account. He keeps a tab on all my updates and is happy to be in touch with me everyday. On some of the days we are not able to call each other but atleast he knows what am I up to. He says he feels relaxed. I wonder what the fathers did in the old times. 


My mom-in-law finds it really heard to believe when we tell her that we pay the bills online. All her life she has cribbed standing in queues and taking leaves especially for submission of electricity, telephone and water bills. She says she used to imagine something like this would happen in future and make her life easy. Now, we tell her its a matter of a click. No doubt, its saves a lot of our time and energy. 


My grandfather was extremely happy when he could see and talk to my cousin in America. He couldn’t believe that he could actually see his house and new car too. Thanks to Skype, Hangouts, Facetime that we are able to do all of this. How people managed to be without their loved one a decade ago is unfathomable to me! My husband and I spend so much time long distance, we can’t even imagine life without watsapp, facebook, mails. I would still write him a letter but I wonder he would ever do that like in old times. 


My mum loves the metro because she finds it extremely convenient and safe. Fifteen years ago when we had shifted to Noida, we did not talk about traveling to Delhi at all. It was one daring task to think of shopping in Delhi. Today, none even bothers or thinks that there was a time when this was not so easily done. 


Initially, even my husband was reluctant of using the new applications. He thought they were fake promises- order food, cabs at the doorstep, directions in a new place. Basically, it was lack of trust and fear from the new. But now when he has been using them, he knows it better how they make his life comfortable. At 4 in the morning for an early flight, at least he doesn’t has to rely on the neighborhood taxi-stand guy who never turns up. Now, the driver is just a call away.


And most importantly, the new is better because we have access to both old and the new. For some things, we can just let life be the way it was going and for the rest of the things, we can always opt to make it more comfortable. We just have to make our choices. For me who is a blogger and thrives on social media, life would just have a different meaning if there was no internet. Thus, I totally agree that we have found easier and better ways of doing our things. I feel smartphones are one of the best things that were created. 


So often we complain that life has become extremely busy and complex these days but we are yet to lose our sanity. Well, the good things of life have bailed us out and made our life pretty and simple. Internet has brought a revolution and technology has given us the needed comforts. The only thing needed from us is not to fear the change and be more acceptable towards the new and advanced. 


Happy Blogging!!!


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