A family that lives together, laughs together, sings together and griefs together is a real family. There are so many times when you don’t even realize you are sad if there is a shoulder to cry over.  In loneliness, it can stress you to the core. A family is a very integral part of our existence, happiness, new endeavors and success. This is the power of togetherness.  Its absolutely magical !

This story comes from my past. Happily, I would love to share.  It was the day when I had felt too low  (close to suicidal) in life but my family acted like a strength and motivation. It was my placement season,  the first day and while the whole batch thought I would be among the top contenders to make it, to everyone’s shock I did not.  When the results were declared, I almost went numb when my name wasn’t announced. Even my friends couldn’t believe that I was not among the selected group. While all the selected batchmates began to rejoice and have fun, I couldn’t  take up the rejection on my face. 

Yes, I couldn’t take this failure. Now I laugh over it and thank God for doing best for me because later I made it to a better company but that time it had hit me hard. You would call me insane if I tell you that I did not eat for a day, closed myself in a room and cried for the whole night. Everyone tried but my friends couldn’t do much to cheer me up. I was severely depressed because it had hurt my ego. And more I was not able to find an answer- Why was I not selected? My confidence went for a toss.

When my parents got to know about my stupid behavior in the hostel they got panicky and called my grandparents who lived in the nearby area. The whole family, my Nana, Naniji, my Mama, Mamiji, my Masi, their children  (my cousins) loaded in three cars landed up in my engineering college. They brought pizzas, chowmein, burgers for my friends to celebrate their first job. Once I saw them all, I cried my heart out, but for the last time.  My Nanaji said, you must wait for your right time beta and at this time you must not spoil it for your friends. You must be happy for them. And then I realized how I had acted so selfish. And also I was not the only one who was not selected. No one was making a fuss like me. More companies were planned for coming up days and everyone knew the best suited company would select us all. 

My cousins cheered me up, laughed over my crying episodes, elders explained me the realities of life and said they were all with me and were confident of my success in future, I almost regained my confidence. That was the moment when I felt what a wonderful family I had. In fact for the whole of next week, I went over to live with them to change my mood. Once I was back in hostel, I was a new person. And in next twenty days as soon as the second company came, I got my first job offer. This time again my whole family came to celebrate my success and cheer up other friends who did not make it.  

This is my story of being and celebrating #Together

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