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So what is #RnMonAskMe?

R stands for Rocky and M stands for Mayur. The two guys who are critics cum big foodies, love food and can make anyone fall in love with food. With so many reinventions happening around food and new eateries coming up almost every day, they are on a mission to discover and guide us to great places of eating.

So often we commute through different routes but realize later that the most famous chole bature wala was close to the place where you had turned left or the most amazing pao bhaji corner or the new restaurant upbeat in Thai cuisine was just 5 minutes away from where you dropped your friend. It has happened so many times with me. Even places close to our house get neglected quite often because its tough to keep ourselves updated. And then we end up taking one hour drive to another famous but far-away restaurant. With Ask Me app, it gets simpler to scan the new, famous, or the old in the area in which you would want to dine in.

To keep a tab on Rocky and Mayur’s food discoveries, and to keep an eye on some really great places of hogging , you may too go for the AskMe app. You need that one app on the phone and the hunger pangs will be gone forever.  Since I have been chosen to be a part of this activity, I did not waste a minute in downloading the AskMe app. It works very simple and the whole idea is know everything under the sun. This time I was looking at reaching out to scrumptious food outlets.

My parents live in Nanakpura and the market of Shanti Niketan is at a walk-able distance from my house. This south campus area buzzes with young energy and there are enough eateries to keep you full. If you are a real foodie and you live in Delhi, you must have heard around the tandoori momos and the famous Chowringhee lane. Both thrive here. No less QDs restaurant is one place where you are sure to see people waiting for their turns.

Recently, when I was putting up at my parents place, we decided to go out and dine together on the last day. I told them let me find some new restaurants on the recently downloaded AskMe app and we can all go there. The multitude of options confused me but at the same time I enjoyed discovering some new places that had come up recently. I zeroed on a few choices because others were too far or their menu did not meet my parents choices. Soon, my husband joined in too. I gave him the app and asked him to chose one super quickly since I was not able to decide. After a long day, he was in no mood for a long reroute and looked for the closest and most convenient option. In two minutes, he said lets go to QDs restaurant. I have never been here. The smile on my parents face was worth a see. Oh yes, I must mention above, this is their favorite one  and they love to order food from here.

The app works very simple…. Type in ‘what you are looking for’ and the place. See the pictures!!! See the rating and

At QDs, we had to wait for flat thirty minutes but it was worth a wait. The food is amazing, service is quick and one gets great value for money. We realized it all when we sat inside. Its a small restaurant with a maximum of 60 seating but it runs full most of the time. My mum was happy to add to the details. Conversations from each table added to the noise because there is not enough space to move between the tables but all of this hardly make a reason to complain because the food was served quick and it was fresh and good.

The whole ambiance of the place is student friendly, There is music that plays in the background and the walls have a collage of many famous quotes, people, places and things.


Since I was doing this review for #RnMonAskMe activity,  I kept my attention to every detail of the food and the restaurant. The restaurant offers some great starters and we ordered four to start off.- Veg Tandoori Momos, Paneer Achari Tikka, Chilly Mushroom dry and Drums of Heaven along with a pitcher of Mojito. 

My Dad and my husband are extremely fond of everything made from Paneer, thus tikka was a must. Mum loves Momos and when you are at QDs how can you miss its famous tandoori momos. Our family loves mushroom and thus crispy mushrooms made it to table. Not to forget, I am only non-vegetarian and one who loves chicken-dishes whole-heartedly. And in QDs, one should not return without eating the Drums of heaven. They indeed, make your tongue go rolling. I enjoyed every juicy bite of it.

Achari Paneer Tikka


Chilly Mushroom


Drums of heaven Tandoori Momos

After having all this heavy doze of finger-licking starters, we ordered the delightful main course- Assorted Veg in Szechwan Sauce, Babycorn and Mushroom, Garlic Fried Rice. I found everything great except that Babycorn and Mushroom was too chilly as per our taste. Assorted veggies were great.

Assorted Veg in Szechwan Sauce Garlic Fried Rice

Overall, we had a wonderful family time. The food made the conversations spicier and fun. Hubby had great praise for the restaurant and when the bill came, we realized that good food need not be expensive always. And I was glad that I had chosen this restaurant to talk about. Though its already famous, I would want more and more people to know about it.

Next time, when you are in the South campus area or in close proximity of Dhaula Kuan, don’t return without tangling your taste buds at QDs.  The good news is that they have recently opened a new outlet in Laxmi Nagar area as well.

A pitcher of Mojito


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